Let’s get carving

You don't have to be a Picasso for carving pumpkins, no Jack o' lantern is perfect.

You don’t have to be a Picasso for carving pumpkins, no Jack o’ lantern is perfect. (Meaghan Corkill/Lariat)

Jack O’ Lanterns have been around to celebrate Halloween since 1834. They are a staple to any porch decoration for Halloween. Let’s get carving!


Well, a pumpkin- as well as a spoon, a spiffy pumpkin carving tool, and a candle. You can find these at almost every grocery store. Then, you’re ready to go…

  1. First, carve a circle on the top of the pumpkin where the stem is. Make it large enough for you to stick your hand in, because you have to gut the pumpkin. The seeds and slime is quite messy. (Set the seeds aside in a bag in case you want to bake some pumpkin seeds).
  2. Once the pumpkin is cleaned out, draw what you would like to carve out. You can go with the classic Jack o’ lantern face or something funny or scary.
  3. Next, start carving!
  4. After you’re done carving the face, you can set your candle inside the pumpkin.
  5. Light the candle and set it by your door! If the candle is burning, trick or treaters know you are home to give out candy.

This Lariat guide helps if it’s your first Halloween living on your own and want to show some spirit. There are many other traditions for Halloween, but Jack o’ lanterns are people’s first go to. Happy Halloween, Gauchos!