Headless Gaucho disturbs SOCCCD district

Nicole Bullard

The Headless Gaucho Mascot

The Headless Gaucho Mascot

A headless Gaucho has been haunting Saddleback and IVC since it recently chopped off its own head in protest of the ongoing mascot debate.

The headless Gaucho, was first seen at the Village on Oct. 17 during night classes.

Some students think the Gaucho mascot beheaded himself to symbolize his lost identity and the heated arguments against his stereotype.

This suspicion was confirmed when campus police found a letter written in blood posted on campus police front door. C.S.I. confirmed it was the Gaucho’s handwriting.

The note had said that if he wasn’t treated with respect he would start running over students with his horse and even stabbing students.

During the headless gaucho’s reign of terror, the night class students have reported hearing odd noises that sounded like hooves on pavement.

“While I was walking through the village I saw him run over someone with his horse.” Bailey Adams, 22, forensic science said.

Some think he is waiting to see President Burnett and confront him on the possible mascot changes.

There have been many sightings of the headless figure, and almost every single one of them during the night classes.

Hannah Pratt, 20, nursing said, “My class was over so I was walking to my car when I heard a noise behind me. It was sounded like a horse was running at me, and when I turned around, this man on a horse streaked right by me. He almost slashed me with his sword. He looked like our mascot, the Gaucho.”

The “headless horsemen” has been aggravating students by almost running over people with is horse. His horse is said to have red eyes and to be possessed by a demon.

Evidence shows that there is something mysterious going on at the campus. The huge wall art on a side of the village building that depicted the Saddleback mascot is inexplicably missing.

“I was walking to the cafeteria, when I noticed a big painting of the gaucho on one of the buildings was gone. There was nothing there, the wall was clean like it had never been there.” said Lisa Smith, an instructor at Saddleback.

The appearances are happening only around dusk and after. The horsemen had been seen riding his horse all over campus and seems to never stop or rest.

If the mysterious appearances of the headless Gaucho are linked to the disappearing painting, no one will ever know.

To make the whole ordeal stranger, there have been sightings at the IVC campus as well. Many students have been confused on why the Saddleback mascot is running around the IVC campus when their mascots are the Lasers, not Gauchos.

“He should be our new mascot, I’m sure he’d intimidate other schools. He’s like the ghost from Sleepy Hollow, it’s pretty scary,” Leah Cray, 22, culinary said, who attends the IVC campus.

The headless gaucho hasn’t been investigated in prior occurrences, but many students have taken the matter into their own hands and are following the headless specter on both IVC and Saddleback campuses.

“This is insane, I think he’s planning on killing students.” Erika Wigsworth, 27, English said.

Many of the athletics teams were disturbed by the headless horsemen sightings and refuse to practice on campus.

“I saw someone try to stop him, they threw a stick at the horse but it missed.” Miranda Dunning, 19, paranormal studies said.

The last time anyone saw the Gaucho mascot was at IVC campus, and it is rumored he wants to become the new IVC mascot.