Looking for scary in all the free places: A Halloween dilemma

John Franz

So October is right around the corner and Octo-mom can’t scare us off anymore with her looks and trying to support her children.

No, No it is time for your favorite theme parks to be transformed into Halloween hell, and for a lot of money!

Knott’s Scary Farm is so high school, Disneyland lacks the horror fright but they did do some stuff to get the crowd going there by adding stuff to Space Mountain and the Haunted Mansion but even if you have a pass, it’s 12 bucks to park and a drive.

Universal Studios has a cool Halloween event but its way up in Hollywood and the traffic, no thank you. Plus Knott’s and Universal gives coupons but it does not help that much. Still got to pay outrageous parking fees and plus gas alone and sitting in bumper to bumper traffic does not sound that fun to me tempting but no thank you.

If you want to pay outrageous prices and go to a haunted place go to the Queen Mary, they are more violent there.

But see I read these weird books like “Weird California,” yeah it’s a pretty radical and bodacious book, if you know the ’80s you will know that the original turtles used to rock those words in their movies.

Anyway, in our own backyard in Trabuco Canyon, if you want a scare go to it at night park your car and wander around. You may even forget you are in Orange County.

Legend has it that a woman known as “La Llorona” drowned her children in Trabuco Creek and after her death she was forced to walk this creek in search for her children, and if that doesn’t scare you her head is a horse’s head. Otherwise known as the weeping woman, it’s an old tale to keep children from wandering the woods and falling into the water, or is it true.  But be careful if you see La Llorona you or someone you know may die! Now that’s better than seeing Mickey in a pumpkin! I checked it out I saw nothing but maybe you will be more fortunate!

If that doesn’t get you scared enough go to Los Rios St in, San Juan Capistrano, a black-haired woman in a white dress haunts this quiet street in a harmless city of San Juan Capistrano. For 90 years sightings of this spirit have been reported, she appears from a big cloud of white fog that comes from nowhere and terrorizes the neighborhood. Be afraid folks sometimes she has a black demon dog! Now you won’t see that on cable TV.

Or you can do what in sure everyone has done at some point and go to Black Star Canyon, now I do warn you crazy “ish” happens here. Now I have been there and I will not lie, I almost defecated in my pants. Yes I said it! My friend went there and said he saw the three musketeers riding horses and everything. I have heard of people hearing gun shots and people shooting not at you but scaring you to get off their property.

People left their cars at the gate of the canyon only to come back and have their windows broken and tires slashed. Now is this all an Urban Legend, I have been there and yea I think the creepy part is going there now I saw nothing there. But being scared is so fun!
In Black Star Canyon, there is a hill on top of the hill there is a cross, white and there for everyone to see, and it used to be a KKK meeting site.

I stayed at a house near Cooks Corner in the summer where my now ex-girlfriend and I stayed and watched dogs and the house. It scared me especially at night because for one you can not see in front of you at night. I parked outside the gate, a good 200 feet away from the house. The gate makes a weird noise and has bells on it. I wanted to get home after my ex girlfriend fell asleep so at 5 am I made a break for it, with only the light of my cell phone as my guide.

This is when I heard of La Llorona and the person of whom we were watching has two horses and I heard the horse and I broke for it! Probably waking up the neighbors with the gate and my car speeding down the hill to get the hell out of there, but Halloween who needs horror nights at an amusement park. Even the knowing of something creepy is much greater because it is real.

Trabuco Canyon is a weird place and it is so much cheaper. Save your money and get your friends and go on a ride that will knock your socks off. I know I will be joining you. But I will make a pact not to scare any of you if I happen to run into you. I will say now I do not own a horse’s head so if you do see one on a person it is not me. I can tell you that much. Who needs Halloween to get spooked it’s around you all year. Happy Ghost Hunting! Maybe it’s all in our heads, maybe we psych ourselves out but hey for a college student, what a way to spend a night or two. Especially if you want to save money.