Grow marijuana at Saddleback College

Buds-R-Us: Saddleback students are getting very excited about the
new addition to their horticulture garden plots this semester. (Photo illustration / Niko LaBarbera | Lariat)

The Saddleback College horticulture department has taken an unprecedented step in the college community, and has decided to allow its students to cultivate marijuana in their garden plots at the college.

APRIL-FOOLSStudents have been allowed up to this point to grow fruits and vegetables like carrots and watermelons, but can now begin planting and harvesting cannabis as well.

Horticulture professor and department chair Bob Farnsworth said he feels marijuana will help increase productivity and the learning outcomes each course strives for.

“Marijuana can be grown year round in this region and will most likely have a better yield than other more traditional crops,” Farnsworth said. “It will help students understand plant structures and designs better while also expanding their minds.”

The desire to secure a spot in each weed-related course is growing among Saddleback students as the spring semester comes to an end. Whether it’s the introduction to landscape design class or the integrated pest management course, students are doing everything they can to advance their registration dates. The hope is to secure a spot for the summer semester where the long days and strong heat are sure to produce quality crops.

“I’m trying to find someone to register early for me,” fifth-year ceramic major Rich Marin said. “I’ll do anything to get into the plant propagation course.”

While some students are fighting for spots in coming semesters, active horticulture students are taking advantage of this new change and have already begun taking clippings and growing new plants before the semester comes to an end.

With the greenhouse full of new clones and students eagerly waiting to register for summer classes, the only question left is what will happen to all the final products at the end of each semester.

Rumors have surfaced that the engineering department is designing unique vending machines to distribute the herb to students throughout campus, but this has yet to be confirmed.