APRIL FOOLS: Social media rehabilitation center open in Mission Viejo

This center will provide help and a new light to those who can't seem to find anything more important than social media. (magicatwork / Creative Commons)

This center will provide help and a new light to those who can’t seem to find anything more important than social media. (magicatwork / Creative Commons)

Social media rehabilitation center A World Without Likes: A New Beginning opened April 1 in Mission Viejo to help those attached to their cyber lives reconnect with the real world. They will offer personalized programs for college students with social media addictions in different six and eight week programs based on the addictions you’ve developed.

“We know this is a growing problem and we really want to help these young adults,” said program director Isla Gram. “More and more college students are getting hooked to their lives online and it’s drastically affecting their lives. That’s why we’re here to help.”

The center will offer help for addictions to major platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

When checking into the facility you also have the option of the six-week program where you would be cut off from all social media sites immediately. An eight-week program is also offered where doctors take the additional two weeks to remove your social media helping you ease your way in more comfortably.

“I really believe this place will help my daughter,” said Samantha Chatter, a patient’s mother. “My daughter spends so much time on he phone snapchatting she’s been fired from her last two jobs for paying more attention to taking photos than doing her job.”

They are also willing to work with those having trouble kicking their additions. Classes are going to be offered such as How To Snapchat Without Sending Nudes and How To Work With 140 Characters Using Proper Grammar.

“As an instructor here at the center we have to take all the classes we provide during training,” said program instructor Felicia Book. “All our classes provide top notch help when is comes to those addicted to social media.”

The decision to bring this kind of rehab center to Mission Viejo comes at a time when almost 90 percent of Mission Viejo’s young adults have some type of social media addiction.

“It’s what this city really needs right now,” said Mission Viejo Mayor Tom Witter. “Both my daughters have developed addictions and we can let this keep happening. We need to save our youth before it’s too late.”

The facility is now open and accepting most types of insurances. A World Without Likes: A New Beginning is ready to help those in need and show those suffering with addiction there is a way out and there are people who care.

Photo used with CC BY 2.0