April Fools: Saddleback College announces the Mount streaming service

The logo for Saddleback’s new streaming service: Mount. Armazoon/Courtesy

Saddleback College reveals its new ‘Mount’ streaming service today in a short statement published on the school website. The program will provide access to a library of educational training videos in the form of shows and movies from various Saddleback College professors. It will cost $6.99 per month and be available off a QR code in the college’s LRC building. 

“We’ve got a recipe for success,” said Lead Developer of Mount Roger Berwin. “Combining education with the latest entertainment is an idea that could not possibly fail.”

Mount defines itself as a fun alternative to the normal education offered at Saddleback. It gives students a taste of what each class is like and assists with topics discussed in class. It does not award any units, but certain videos can count towards college assignments and come packaged with homework questions. 

The platform will launch with 20 different shows, including “The Mathdalorian,” a story about a mathematician who hunts down careless mistakes in his work, and “The Talking Dread,” which follows survivors of a public speaking incident. Each series will be grouped by subject and will be managed independently by a group of instructors.

 “I don’t get paid enough for this,” said culinary professor Madeleine Sacher, producer of the Mount original series “Raising the Steaks”. “We’re expected to make this high quality, memorable experience with what is essentially two plastic forks and a can of beans.”

Mount is developed in partnership with Armazoon, a company best known for creating two other streaming services, Jetflax and Lulu. The application uses their latest technology, including the Entertainment Gaze Gage or E.G.G., to provide students with content gearing towards their interests. This includes replacing videos of low interest with puppy pictures and customizing the layout for each session. Anthony Tarian, beta tester of the new program, is thrilled with what has been implemented.

The Mount streaming service will be available soon. Armazoon/Courtesy

“Mount is exactly what I want when I want,” he said. “ When I see the puppy picture, I know the site is doing its job and getting rid of something I don’t care about.

Saddleback College will publish a standalone website with more information, including the release date for Mount soon. Although the school plans to release the service in the coming months, Armazoon faces a $100,000 lawsuit for copyright infringement, delaying plans indefinitely. Till then, Saddleback will provide all information via owl and stork.