APRIL FOOLS: Battle erupts between chess team and Connect Four team

It all began on a regular Tuesday afternoon. The sun was shining down and students were soaking up the sun and enjoying themselves in the quad. Athletes on the connect four team were enjoying a playful sparring games when the athletes on the chess team appeared for practice.

The chess team and Connect Four team have always had a playful and healthy rivalry. The Connect Four team has always been able to recruit more athletes than the chess team, but the chess team has won more national titles. The chess team has six state champion titles and three regional champion titles while the Connect Four team has one state champion title and seven regional champion titles.

Tension between the two rivalry teams has grown after a few athletes quit the connect four team and joined the chess team at the beginning of this semester. Last week, the chess team was finally recognized as an official sports team by the college.

When the chess team showed up for practice in the quad, the connect for team gave them the cold shoulder. The connect four team continued to ignore the chess team but when a member of the chess team accidentally bumped into a member of the connect four team, making him lose his game, the strain between the two team grew. A few minutes later, a member of the concept four team didn’t see where he was walking and destroyed the game the chess team was playing.

Angry the chess team began yelling loathsome words to the connect four team. The scene escalated when a member of the connect four team grabbed one of the colored discs and slammed it into the face of the closest chess team member. Outraged, the chess team attacked with their chess pieces and a fight broke loose between the two rivalry teams.

The fight ended when two member from the connect four team had a broken nose and a member of the chess team broke their hand. Many of the students either a bloody nose, a black eye, or a cut lip. The three students with broken bones were sent to the hospital while the rest of the team members cleaned up their minor injures. Both teams have been suspended from campus and the chess team is disqualified from playing in regional games next weekend.