VOICES Q & A with a Pyschic

Susan Grau has been serving the diverse clientele from the greater Southern California area for more than 20 years. In The Light services is immensely popular with many people, boasting a rare 5-star rating on Yelp. Grau leads a busy but fulfilling life as a Reiki master, psychic/intuitive, medium, spiritual mentor, healer, and life coach.  Her new book, “The Life of an Empath: Living From the Outside In,” will be released November 2017. Sessions with Susan Grau can be scheduled through her website at sginthelight.com.

Can you describe what it is that you specialize in?

I’m an intuitive life path reader. I specialize in helping others heal from grief and to find their true life path, to better understand why we’re all here.  I also guide clients to understand spirits’ desires for their own journey and the means to get there. I am also a Master Evidential Medium. I’m able to communicate with loved ones who have passed over. I receive evidence and messages to help their loved ones here on Earth better understand that the spirit is still with them even after death, to guide and love them.

How would you describe your process for communicating with the spiritual world? 

When a client comes to my office, they are coming because they have lost a loved one and/or they need help understanding their journey.  I ask their angels and guides to offer me evidence and understanding of my clients’ journey. In the best way I know how to describe, I seem to leave my space and my vibrational energy shifts as I begin to hear spirits speaking to me through a “knowing” called a clair.

Clair means clear and all mediums and psychics have this ability.  There are many different clairs but the one I use most is claircognizance, which is clear knowing. I just know who is with us from the afterlife and I’m able to relay their message.  Whether it be angel guides or loved ones who have passed, I know the message they wish to convey.

Can you explain how you discovered your abilities.

When I was a little girl I remember when animals would pass over, I could see them still existing in spirit and floating around me. When I was four years old I was locked in an unplugged freezer in our garage. Some boys told me there were popsicles in there and I could play with them if I got them.

In my day that’s how a lot of children died, by getting stuck in freezers. I was in there for well over 45 minutes and I had a near-death experience. It was quite profound to say the least. Upon returning to the current space and time, I realized I could see and hear people, so I assumed everyone saw them too.

One day I mentioned what I could see, not knowing that others didn’t see them, I soon learned that was abnormal so I quickly stopped discussing it. It was quite scary to tell you the truth, however, I learned who they were and what they were pretty rapidly. I continued seeing and connecting with spirits throughout my life, and as I got a little older I became a healer. Spirits continued to bring people who needed my help into my life.  From there my psychic medium abilities were something I couldn’t avoid anymore, so I began utilizing it in my practice. Here I am today, helping people who’ve lost their loved ones or lost their direction.

What made you decide you wanted to pursue this path?

This wasn’t a conscious decision, it was my destiny. Therefore, I didn’t decide to pursue it, the spirits decided to pursue it for me. It came to me,  I did what I only knew how to do and the doors began opening up. I’ve had to do my own healing, my life up until this point has been very difficult. Once I was able to get through the majority of my necessary healing was when spirit opened the door for me to help others. My own life journey and obstacles have helped me realize what people need and through spirits, I’m relayed the information.

What is your favorite part of what you do?

My favorite part is watching my clients recognize that the other side truly exists. Helping others to see their value and showing them to recognize how they can shift their journey for the greater good. What is not to love about my job? Nothing, I love everything about what I do. I am a life path intuitive, you call that psychic. The life path intuitive is having the ability to help people on their life journey through the spirit.

It’s very deep and can be very emotional for the clients and myself.  Inherently, mediumship is my favorite intuitive ability, as it is amazing to watch someone who doesn’t believe in the afterlife come to an understanding and belief. Mediumship is amazingly profound and healing. So, if had to choose, that would be my favorite part.

What can people expect from a “typical” reading?

They can expect an understanding of their own spirit, as well as, their souls progression in need. They can expect to receive insight about their journey and with that,  the necessity to look where they’ve been blocking themselves, the constant banging themselves against a wall, mantra. Clients can learn  and see why things happen the way they’ve happened. That learning on this journey can sometimes feel as if they’re being punished, but in reality they’re being taught. Pain is our greatest motivator. My clients can see that their loved ones are always with them, around them, guiding them,  and most important, helping them. Ultimately, recognizing that the afterlife is very real and it is filled of beautiful people and things, where we all will exist again.

What has been your favorite or most memorable reading with a client?

I want to preface this answer by saying that I require Spirit to provide me with actual facts: names, dates, birthdays, specific memories, because I want my clients to believe in my ability. I mean it’s weird, talking to dead people. I think most have a natural skepticism because it’s so unnatural, so I can appreciate and understand that thought process. In saying that, I can never predict who will come forward to speak to me, or how deep and emotional some sessions may become; it makes every session a new experience for my clients and myself—they’re dynamic.

The reading that resonates with me most, there was a gentleman who came to me and he was gifted a session, unknowingly. When he sat down, immediately his son started saying, “dad, dad, dad, dad” and the spirit showed me a drive-by shooting. The spirit provided me so much information in this beautiful man sitting in front of me, it changed his life in a profound way from that very moment on.

It was a reading that I believe took my ability to connect with Spirit to the next level.

Is there anything you’d like people to know about you or your gift that you haven’t shared?

I’d like everyone to know that this is real, and although there are some who want to believe that this is evil, phony, or calculated, they couldn’t be more false. I want to show people that I come from a place of love, and my only desire is to help others heal.  Many are so fearful, unaccepting, and cynical when it comes to having the ability to feel or see the afterlife.

That type of thinking is very foreign to me. I think fear makes them push back and resistant to the process. I’d want people to know that after being there from a near-death experience, that doesn’t mean my life has been easy or carefree. My lessons were very tough and yet, I innately chose to become a better person so that I could help others.

I’d like everyone to know and believe that they’re not alone and that they are loved.  Most importantly, that this occupation isn’t easy, often many criticize and call us evil or fake. It is a very painful feeling and does require a thick skin. I’m certainly not altruistic in that, I too like to lead a great life and take care of myself. However, I do wish the best for others and want to help guide them on their journey.  I want everyone to know that it will never be perfect but it can certainly be amazing.  We all have gifts, we need to learn what they are, how to properly use them, and that’s what I’ve done.