VOICES “Me” a Song Played Often on KSBR

Cruz visits KSBR studio to bring holiday cheer. Photo Elizabeth Ortiz

Meet Jenn Renee Cruz. Her husband describes her as the next Norah Jones during a radio interview at KSBR. The song played most on 88.5 is titled “ME.” which is a playful jazzy sound that incorporates hints of Spanish guitar in the background.

“I’m behind Jenn and support whatever she needs to do so her career can flourish and the beautiful message she has to tell can get across to others,” said Andy Cruz,husband of singer and songwriter Jenn Renee Cruz.

Cruz is based in San Diego and met up again with her husband in College after knowing each other from high school.

“I’ve been singing my whole life but never considered actually pursuing a career until seven years ago, JRC said.

She has three daughters and wants them to have something to listen to that speaks of life. She teaches them the importance of inspiring others by reaching into music as an art form rather than what is popular.

“Music has become very socially driven [in general]and on a large sense, it’s become negative so I try to put something out that’s positive for kids to model after,” she said. “It’s better to model your life after, rather than follow what’s happening in the norm.”

Her favorite artist growing up were the old school blues like Doris Day, Glenn Miller, Harry Connick Jr., Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles. She says these are old artists that have captured the true art-form, a type of sound so classic and pure that it can’t compare to the one hit wonders of today she believes are offensive.

‘The message of today’s top hits don’t expect you to live it out and I want to tell people in my music to do this,”she said. “If you say you believe it, live it out with your life and I’m going to walk it out so my daughters know that is the main point.”

She explains that it is so easy for us to follow what society wants and that the greatest people who inspire the nation are the ones that people think are crazy and even goes farther to explain that it is what she wants to be like, a crazy person, but with a positive message.

“My music is something that walks the line, it’s not Christian, it’s not mainstream, but it makes you think about what you’re doing with your life,” she said.

The words “LIVE IT OUT” is what she wants tattooed on her skin, to remind her to love, honor and respect others and herself. January 30th is the perfect opportunity to see her at ‘98 Bottles’ in San Diego.