VOICES How To Love Yourself, Like Kanye Loves Himself

Photo by Diego Quintana/Wikimediacommons

Confidence is Key, Do it like Kanye.

How to love yourself like Kanye loves himself

There are many single people on college campuses but not everyone knows how to be single. Not everyone can love themselves.. But Kanye can. Here’s how to love yourself like Kanye loves himself.

First everyone has to dress to impress

As Kanye Does, dress in a Monochromatic Neutral Color scheme.

White, Black, Tan/Gold, Grey or Red (new yeezy boost color ‘16.)

If Daddy makes North dress the part, you can do it too.Dressing in all white makes you look like one of two things

  1. An angel
  2. A guest at P. Diddy’s all white hamptons party.

Monochromatic neutrals also resemble a few of kanye’s favorite things Gold, the beginning title of his second number one single, Black the color of Kanye’s soul, and red because what screams 808’s and Heartbreak (West’s Fourth studio Album) other than the color of a beating heart.

Second gain some Kayn-fidence (if Kanye can, then so can you)

We all know that confidence can have a great impact on our success. Kanye has enough confidence to share, so if you need a confidence boost try a mantra of Kanyes (see below).

If Wise was Kanye West’s middle name, he could pass as the Dalai Lama with all of his Kanye wisdom. Kanye West is a legend (He’d 100% tell you that himself) and lets face it, some days you’re feeling pretty un-legendary. Here are some “statements” that Kanye has said to empower us. Kanye encourages us to be hated for what we are rather than loved for what we aren’t. He’s far from perfect but he’s not ashamed of it.. just ask Taylor Swift (he’s definitely not sorry..sorry Taylor)

“I’m going down as a legend, whether or not you like me or not.”- Radio interview with Tim Westwood, 2008.


Come on now! How could you be me and want to be someone else? -Guardian, 2005


I am so credible and so influential and so relevant that I will change things -June 2013, New York Times


Be ye Hear ye No fear Kan-ye


“You just gotta get in where you fit in. You never know how you get in.”


Third we all have to acknowledge our weaknesses and admire our strengths.

I Think the fact that I can’t sing that well is what makes 808’s and heartbreak so special…I love the fact that I’m bad at things, you know what I’m saying?”- June 16 2013, New York Times


Admitting your weaknesses is not easy, but it also helps keep your confidence in check, so you don’t become over confident…What are we kidding there’s no such thing (ask Kanye). Despite West’s abundance of confidence Kanye is also very in check with his weaknesses. Despite not being a very good singer, West admitted early in his career that he did not feel 100% capable of doing it all by himself. Having a little less confidence as it turns out has its benefits too. Balance is key, be confident but acknowledge those weaknesses.