VOICES 10 things to leave behind in 2015

Top 10 things to leave behind in 2015

  1. “On fleek Urban dictionary defines “fleek” as being “on point” (another thing we need to stop saying). The  term “on fleck” started trending during the middle of 2015 and quite frankly has gotten pretty annoying. You can tend to catch girls saying that their hair, eyebrows, nails etc.. is “on fleek”. No matter what may be “on fleek” that is a phrase that needs to be left in 2015 and never brought back again.
  1. Snapchat stories over 100 seconds long People don’t mind watching snapchat stories they are meant to be public and enjoyable, but nobody wants to be sitting there all day looking at just one story. I understand your story is meant for you to broadcast whatever it is you are doing but lets try to keep it short and simple in 2016.
  1. Waist Trainers There is nothing wrong with wanting your body to look good and look fit. But let’s not cheat working out by using a waist trainer, rather than using a waist trainer then going to post a pic on Instagram to let people know that you waist train, get in the gym and actually work out.
  1. Following trends We are all guilty. Someone changes their profile picture on Facebook to “show support” to a country. Everyone follows. Some of your friends rant about Trump. Everyone makes a status about it. You see a random article on why Steve Harvey’s mistake during Miss Universe was terrible, and you join the conversation. Where are these interactions taking you? It’s like a hamster on a wheel chasing food that isn’t there. Stop following fads. Swim in a different pond. Start progressive conversations.
  1. Meek Mill’s Twitter Beefs and Struggling CareerMeek Mill, you’re dating the most dynamic MC in the game—do not mess it up by getting in Twitter beefs with her longtime BFF, Aubrey Graham, who just so happens to be a much more established well known artist than you.
  1. “Flannels around the waist” Flannels being tied around the waist has been a fashion trend during 2015 which needs to come to a complete stop. Typically during the time it seemed cool to where a different color flannel to offset your outfit but now that we have came to the realization that it needs to come to an end.  Yes it may have seemed cool and trendy at first but now it played out.
  1.  Diets and easy fixes Leave the “I’m on a diet” life. Focus on having a healthy mind and perspective. Nurture your health from the inside out. Once you have a healthy “inside” it’s easier to condition your body. A diet will keep you stuck on an endless cycle. Create a lifestyle that supports the belief you have cultivated about yourself and healthy living.
  1.  Destructive relationships Leave behind relationships that subtract from you. If a romantic, collegiate, family, business relationship or friendship is taking away from you, abandon ship. Jim Rohn says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Evaluate your circle.
  1. Your ex-anythingLeave the past in the past. This could be an ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, ex-hookup, ex-booty call, ex-side chick/dude, or ex-friend. Just leave them behind. They are an ex for a reason. Stop running towards the comfort of knowing them and move your life forward. There is more to life than the world you once lived via your ex.
  1.  Netflix and Chill If you’ve been living on Mars and somehow haven’t heard the term Netflix and Chill, it’s basically lingo for sex while Netflix just happens to be playing in the background. Since when did it become OK for people to just ask people to Netflix and Chill? There is nothing chill about getting that text. Get a little more creative. Maybe Chinese takeout and chill? I’d prefer a candlelit dinner and bubble bath and chill, but that’s just me.