TIMES Top 5 Things to Keep in Your Car

When dealing with vehicles, safety is the utmost priority. Worst case scenarios can happen unexpectedly at any given time regardless if you are a new and or an old driver. With having these essentials in your car, you greatly increase the chances of diffusing certain worst case scenarios .

  1. Jumper Cables– Many of have been there, we leave our lights on, come back a couple hours laters to find out that the car’s battery is dead. Jumper cables enable you to draw power from another running vehicle in order to to get your vehicle started up again.
  2. Owners Manual- This should already be in every drivers vehicles. The owners manual has vital information regarding your vehicle and also has essential information on basic necessities your vehicle needs.
  3. Flashlight- looking through your car in the dark is impractical and a phone light only does so much. A handheld flashlight will not only make car repairs in the dark a lot easier but it will also with stand more abuse while still being able to operate
  4. Car Cell Phone Charger-  A dead cellphone can turn a bad situation into a worse one. Keeping your phone charged will heighten your safety in a road side emergency.
  5. Spare Tire– A Flat tire tends to occur at the most unwanted times. A flat tire can be very dangerous to drive on. Not to mention, you greatly run the risk of damaging your rim causing a costly repair that could have been avoided. Along with carrying a spare tire you must also have the necessary knowledge and tools to safely change a tire.