There are certain places and event to avoid on a first date. (Pexel)

There are certain places and event to avoid on a first date. (Pexel)

First dates are awkward AF, but some ideas push the limit; don’t try these truly terrible ones at home


The one thing you don’t get on a first date to the gym is gains. The one thing your date doesn’t want is to get sweaty and talk about his or her eating schedule.


Screening an X-rated movie is never a good idea for the first date. There is nothing more awkward than watching two people get it on, unless a marriage’s love life is just that sterile. That’s like saying “you know what we’re doing later? wink wink.” We don’t need the warm-up porn gentlemen.


A family event is a de nite NO. Nothing like a little pressure for the first date. Maybe after a few months of dating. Ma- ma’s boy.


Going to a strip club … seriously? This one does not need explaining. Don’t even bother. Your date does not want to watch you smacking your lips at half-naked girls with daddy issues. And trust, you’ll never score with her friends, they will be warned.


Going to a reunion, any reunion is also a bad idea. It makes your date uncomfortable. They don’t know anyone and it is just awkward. Plus, chances are that there are plenty of embarrassing stories your date should not hear as a first impression.