TIMES Just a Quaint Outlet Mall

The outlets at San Clemente have opened to the public while its still finishing construction.(Jordan Rangel/ Lariat)

The harvest is ready for Craig Realty Group developed by Steve Craig.

The outlet mall, which sits upon a cliffside plateau overlooking the ocean, is finishing up construction, preparing for its grand opening.

The 500,000-square-foot retail center, at completion, will include 67 businesses including six restaurants. More businesses are scheduled for later dates due to ongoing construction.

The outlets offer an incredible shopping experience and a beautiful oceanfront view. Included in the outlets are a walking, biking and jogging trail. The trails opened during summer.

Craig has said over 90 percent of clientele are expected from outside of San Clemente; over half could be foreign visitors. Based on sales Craig plans to develop more spaces for a better mix of merchandise.

The beautiful Spanish Village by the Sea seizes to be quiet and quaint. Instead, the gem of the county urges to bloat with abundant shoppers and brag its unparalleled beauty.

Residents of San Clemente have mixed feeling but generally, they all hate it

“We called it the wall when it started,” said San Clemente surfer and resident Erik Buell, “because it blocked San Clemente in half.”

The San Clemente outlet mall spans from vista Hermosa to Avenida Pico and visible from the I5 freeway. In fact, the outlets do block of North San Clemente to the rest of the city. Houses that once had ocean views now gaze upon the shops that destroyed it.

“I don’t want it but I don’t really care,” Said San Clemente local Morgan Cross, “we’re going to get a lot more jobs here.”

An estimated 1500 jobs are created from construction and retail. Approximately 1000 of the jobs are permanent.