TIMES Here’s What You Should Know About Holiday Packages

Getting out packages safe and on time for the holidays is what Aim Mail Centers is all about. It has been around since 1985 and one of the oldest postal services in the city of Mission Viejo. Owner Hob Chen has offered up some advice for sending out packages around this time of year. He recommends that every package should have a tracking number.
“Some packages left on the front porch unattended for first class mail without a  tracking number can be a dicey situation,” Chen said. “so with the tracking number or signature confirmation such as with certified mail, one can avoid some of these issues.”

He said people get to choose whether they get that tracking number or not and some folks do and some do not. There has always been theft, but a tracking number makes it easier to deal with because there is usually some type of insurance that goes along with it.

“For instance, a claim can be filed with the postal service or private carrier and most of the time, that service is willing to help,” Chen said.


It’s at the discretion of the carriers such as the post office or locations history with theft. And so if something unfortunate like that were to happen, one could file a claim by filling out paperwork and most times receive back the amount of money  equal to the amount spent on the item. Chen also mentions if you’re running late on holiday cheer, packages can be delivered closer to Dec. 25 arriving on time for that special loved one. You can ship Christmas packages out on the 23 as long as it’s an overnight service and FedEx and UPS can be done later in the day ranging between 4 and 5 p.m.