TASTES Top 5 Things to Bring Camping

Campers sit around the fire enjoying the hammocks they decided to bring. ( Casey Garner/ Creative Commons)

Other than the basic things you bring to just about every camping trip, here are a few items that would make any camping trip just a little bit better:

  1. Hammock

    (Orin Zebest/ Creative Commons)

    (Orin Zebest/ Creative Commons)

A hammock is so much fun to bring on camping trips and is a great way to relax and enjoy your surroundings. Hammocks like the one shown below great for packing when space is tight and it’s as large as a queen size bed.

  1. Tent With a Removable Top

Bringing a tent with a removable top is very important when going places like the desert because of how clear the skies become and how many stars you get the

(Nick Hubbard/ Creative Commons)

(Nick Hubbard/ Creative Commons)

chance to see. Being able to look up at the sky from the comfort of your sleeping bag is a perfect way to end the day.

  1. A Jetboil

This little guy can make 2 cups of boiling water in just over two minutes letting you cook at a much faster pace then normal and get to eating. Bringing the Jetboil allows you to spend more time enjoying your food and good people making it a must on every camping trip.

  1. A Fitbit

The fitbit helps you track steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time. If you are at all interested in your own physical fitness and bodies activity this little bracelet should be on your wrist the minute you leave for that trip.

(daveynin/ Creative Commons)

(daveynin/ Creative Commons)

  1. A Camelbak

Having a Camelbak may just be one of the easiest ways to always stay hydrated when you are out and about needing to be hydrated. Carried as a backpack the Camelbak has a minimalist design and maximum comfort when it comes to your camping getaway.Minimalist design