TASTES Album Review of ‘Mr. Misunderstood’

UMG Nashville

Eric Church has created a saving grace for country music constructed straight from the soul.

Back to his roots and depths of his heart, Eric Church released Mr. Misunderstood. The stories told reveal dark but inspiring moments from his childhood and his own son’s. The underlining themes feature cowboy-like independence and unrelenting loyalty.

Shorter than his last two platinum albums Mr. misunderstood stamps out 10 songs all written or co-written by Church himself. So far there are no singles from the album but the speculation is that title song “Mr. Misunderstood” will be the first of several singles.

The new album came by complete surprise and announced the day of the 2015 Country Music Association Awards after Church’s performance of “Mr. Misunderstood”.

“So far, this has to be the best album he’s ever made”, said Alec Barone a 21-year-old business major. “The song Chattanooga Lucy is as country as is gets and my favorite”.

Its obvious through songs such as “Chattanooga Lucy” that Eric took influence through soul and blues for the new album. The entire album is dark but once half way through, stories and feelings get deeper and darker.

“I like his new album, it seems darker and much more honest and personal than any of his others”, said Tyler Rodriguez, 21-year criminal justice major.

Church gives the world a glimpse of his personal and family life especially in the song “Three Year Old”. Tennessee Hawkins Church, Church’s son is the inspiration for the said song and teaches his dad how to have hope and keep going on when things don’t quite go the way as expected.

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