Southern California Reflections

Photos by Casey Alvarado

Photo by Casey Alvarado

A collected series of narratives from a painter, hiker, cruiser and disc jockey

Casey Alvarado

Casey Alvarado

“I enjoy showing up to festivals and concerts and showing others art through what I can draw. I actually attended an arts institute in Los Angeles for animation however dropped out after a year. I discovered that school was definitely not for me and was too expensive and instead do freelance work on my spare time. I work full time as a stock manager at Whole Foods grocery store and offer my freelance services to private businesses, will draw for close family or friends or will just draw when I have the chance to create something for others to see and enjoy.”

Manuel Delhoyo
Fontana, California


Casey Alvarado

Casey Alvarado

“I try to wake up as much as I can and as early as I can to go on a hike. However most of the time I am not able to make it up here everyday because my wife hates to go hiking or anything that has to do with outdoor activities. I try to even take her on the easier hikes that are more for beginners but she wont budge. I like to believe it is because she is too tired in the morning but I wanna say it is also due to the fact that she’s extremely scared of snakes. For the past three years I have been trying to at least attempt every hike in Orange County mostly with friends but even at times by myself which I do not mind, gives you time to think and some much needed alone time especially when you have two kids like I do.”

David Vazquez
Laguna Beach

Courtesy of Charlie Barranger

Courtesy of Charlie Barranger

Charlie Barranger
Los Angeles

“I have been working as a DJ for over five years and it is my passion as well as part time job. The other half of my time I work in my dad’s dentist office. My passion is with music and is in my soul I believe. My entire family is made up of ether dentists or business marketing majors, but I went to school for music producing. I never thought of myself as an artist until I turned 21 years old. I had been going to college while still living at my parents house and I was giving up on the fact that you can make any money while making music. Thankfully to my friends who introduced to me other friends who were in the music scene as well I started playing at local clubs and bars. I play at clubs now locally around Orange County but eventually know I want to be playing at larger venues. Perseverance is key, trust me.”


“I have lived in Huntington Beach pretty much my entire life. Now as a 45 year old man theres not much that really makes me happy except for spending time with my family. Every Sunday afternoon or evening we have our traditional beach bike rides. Luckily for me I am fortunate enough to live a short 10 minute walk to the beach. We usually take our own bikes down to the beach near the pier or we like to rent out the bike with the attached seats in the back so we can fit all of us into one bike . I am trying my best to keep this going for as long as I can because I know once they hit middle school or high school they’ll much rather spending time with friends than with their parents.”

Joe Marquez
Huntington Beach