REVIEWS ‘Deadpool’ Doesn’t Disappoint

5/5 chimichangas

This is not your typical superhero movie. Deadpool is funny, raunchy, and straight up badass. Filled with all the spandex you can handle. To start off the beginning credits were the perfect hook, they were enjoyable and extremely clever.

Wade Wilson played by Ryan Reynolds a former Special Forces agent who is now a mercenary. Wade (Reynolds) later finds out he has cancer in his liver, lungs, brain and prostate which is a total vibe kill. He is recruited by Ajax and is given the opportunity to become a super hero, meaning it would cure his cancer cells. Wade having to leave his girlfriend behind undergoes the treatment.

After many months of excruciating pain, Wade’s body is completely transformed and not in all the best ways. Although his cancer cells have been destroyed it has ruined his physical appearance. Crushing all possibilities of him ever having his normal life back.

With the help of Colossus (Kapicic) and Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Hildebrand) deadpool is on the hunt for Ajax to make him pay for ruining his life.

Deadpool was definitely up to hype; it delivered exactly what it promised. It also stuck to its R rating, meaning non-stop dirty jokes that will bring out anybody’s inner 12-year-old’s immature preteen boy, and of course the totally kick ass gruesome violence scenes.

A film so original that it broke the fourth wall, with a comedy like this it maybe a challenge but Deadpool interacted with the audience as if we were all in it together. Giving comic book movies a totally different meaning. Its everything you want from two of the hardest pleasing genres comedy and action. What really ties this film together is the freedom Reynolds put into it, he portrayed his character right to the tee and the script wasn’t afraid to offend anybody. Deadpool is a super-villain dressed like a super hero.