REVIEWS: 3 DC Characters Who Need Their Own Movie

Warner Bros. revealed its upcoming line-up for the box office and every comic book fan should be excited for the future of DC films. Yet one thing to keep in mind is half the line-up is in TBA, which means that Warner Bros. can cancel any project at any time. This wouldn’t be the first time if they did. Here are three characters from the DC Universe who need their own film.

3: Green Arrow

Oliver Queen doesn’t have a huge following but since the CW’s television show Arrow, the man under the hood has been getting recognized more and more. What really drives this character is his unique backstory within the DC universe.


2: Batman Beyond

50 Years of Batman’s patrol of Gotham City comes to an end after suffering from a heart attack in a resuce mission. 20 Years later, Terry McGinnis, a teenage boy in high school, stumbles upon the Bat-cave by accident. What makes this for a exciting movie is Bruce Wayne, the real Batman, forced to retire is tempted to fight justice again with a partner that will take his main role. The concept is beautiful and would be really badass for the big screen.


1: Doctor Fate

I’ve only read the ’80s versions of Doctor Fate. The 1987 and 1988 is a classic and my personal favorite. Kent Nelson is not from this world, he exist to keep the balance of evil and good in the world. Doctor Fate is apart of Lords Of Order, he fights off demons, demigods, and spiritual beings while also learning how to be human.