Music review: Colette Lush

R&B extraordinaire continues to stun fans and drop hits as fire as her red locks (Aaron Ramey)

Before gracing Colette Lush with the three golden tickets to Hollywood, sitting judge Jennifer Lopez turns to Keith Urban and says, “I feel like Carrie Underwood just walked in here.”

Twenty-four-year-old self-proclaimed “ironically soulful ginger” caught her biggest break in American Idol’s 2016 season, winning the judges’ hearts with her rendition of the Jackson Five’s “Who’s Lovin’ You.”

(Sophia Papageorge)

Fast-forward four years, and she now has 10 original tracks across multiple platforms with seven of those appearing on her 2018 mixtape, Seven-One. This mixtape is a no skips, bop-only type of project. Her smooth, sultry vocals paired with R&B beats will have any listener feeling themselves. Groovy, hip-shaking tracks like “High” and “Cry” perfectly counterbalance deeply personal and emotional tracks such as “Save Yourself” and “Please,” taking her listeners on an honest and intimate journey through her relationship trials.

Lush crushes the game in visuals, as well as musical style. As an indie artist, she faces the task of creating much of her brand herself. “I like everything to have the vibe of kind of vintage and kind of ratchet,” she tells Irvine Weekly when describing her visuals.

With over 70,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, Colette Lush is the R&B dream girl you need to know.