FACES: Have a Nice Future

Using tools like stones and pendulums during a reading could balance the reader’s and client’s energy and chakra (Dina Kleiman/Energy Healing).

Did you know that Tarot cards are actually playing cards created in the15th century? Many people believe that Tarot cards are a tool to tap the divine spirit. Believers go into a Tarot card reading with the expectation that their destiny will be laid flat before them and that some force outside of their control will have the final say. Yes, fate does have a role in the outcome of a psychic reading, but the underlying decision of one’s life comes from freedom of choice.

Before going to see a Tarot reader, it is wise to be prepared with a question. Do not lead with that question however as charlatans out there will take it and run with it. Most popular questions asked are about love, finance, work and dreams. The choices are infinite.

In order for these questions to be properly read, the mind must be uncluttered and cleared and questions be asked appropriately. Never should a person ask a direct question such as “Will I find love?” Instead, questions are more accurately predicted when asking, “What do I need to do to find love?”

“There is no right or wrong question as there is no right or wrong answer but less description often yields stronger results”, said Diana Wint, Tarot card reader and clairvoyant.

Shifting questions from “when” and “will” to “how” and “what” will create a road map of “where” so that decisions may be consciously made in life rather than in reaction to one who feels victimized. Tarot cards are an aid to foresee the future, not in deciphering it.

Another useful way to obtain accuracy through Tarot is choosing the right layout for the question; these are called spreads.

A spread is made up of card positions and each position has a meaning. Using these positional meanings helps interpretation of the cards falling within the spreads. Spreads could be small and simple – only using one to three cards or they could be complex, using every card in the deck.

There are tried and true methods many psychics use to answer different questions. There are several spreads specifically formatted for love, finance, work and dreams. Also, there are spreads that could be used universally to collectively answer all of those questions. If one of the multi-functional spreads is used, the mind must be focused solely and absolutely on one particular question or else the reading may lose credibility.

Those proficient in using Tarot cards can alter the layout according to a situation, although this is not advised for novices. The change of form is for precision and effectiveness of a reading.

There are a few spreads for deciding between two choices. If there are more than two choices, just add the necessary number of cards to represent the circumstances. The Jobs spread has a position for a boss and a co-worker. If there is more than one boss or co- worker involved, more card positions are necessary.

Historically, Tarot cards were used for games and fortune telling. But, according to the Aeclectic Tarot, an online Tarot card community, they state that recent decades have seen Tarot cards being used more for therapy, brainstorming, problem-solving, creative writing, meditation, dream work, journaling, self-improvement, and the list goes on. It looks like Tarot readings just may have made it to main-stream.

“I read my own Tarot cards and my friends cards, ever since I started I’ve noticed the cards were right”, said Brittany Tehje a practicing Tarot card reader and employee at Awakenings “by practicing I only get more familiar with the cards not a better predicition”,

Most people buy a deck of Tarot cards for the express purpose of doing novice readings. Divination is an art and takes practice. It is not hard to do but as users become more familiar and confident in the cards, their readings will become smoother and there will be a development of their own intuitive interpretation according to ‘The Dreamers Journal’ by Barbara Moore.

Perhaps this is because more people are currently using Tarot cards in their personal life than seeing a psychic, and AT also states that using Tarot cards effectively helps build a stronger sense of intuition and clairvoyance.

For a more accurate reading more experienced Tarot readers use other tools to help with their Reading.

“A pendulum could be used while reading Tarot cards. It helps validate the card by swing clockwise if the card is truthful or counter clockwise if not truthful”, said Tehje

Because a glimpse of the future is fascinating, Tarot readings emerge as a subtle way of possibly obtaining the necessary crack to open the world and hearts.

“our job is to help our friends that are stuck at an intersection in life”, said Wint “we give them insight about themselves and the path they should follow”,

Its common for professional psychics to obtain several abilities in the psychic field. Some could be Meduims, Clairvoyants, Intuits, Teacher, Vocal Channel, hypnotherapist, Astrologer, and one of several other possibilities. According to AT most practicing psychics begun as a Tarot card reader.

One such person is Dina kleiman , she is an energy healer and hypotherapist. She is a teacher and helps others hone their natural abilities.

Kleiman is a beliver that in order to get a proper readering from any spiritual medium that ones chakra must be aligned.

There are seven primary chakras that all serve different purposes. Their puroses range from controlling one happiness to ones eagerness for adventure. All of which are very present during a reading or healing session.

Kleiman also states that not only does having full conrtol of chakra help sharpen psychic ability but also treat disease. She states that before physical disease becomes apparent it manifests itself in energy within the body and the manipulation of chakra could distort or dismiss the bad energy.

“Before any reading I make sure I have stretched, read, and meditated so that I give the patient my complete mind, body, and spirit”, Kleiman said.

Reading tarot cards should be no different because it too taps into the energies we all naturally produce.

Tarot cards have far evolved past a game, it now helps any problem, aliment, or creativity one could imagine. Real or not, life is always balanced and we can easily believe the first response we get to a question, especially if that response can fortel our life path.