Bites: OC Idiot

Hate Speech and Booze

In March, local high school students in Costa Mesa were pictured next to a swastika made out of party cups and posed next to it with Nazi salutes, according to the Los Angeles Times. Students from many Newport-Mesa schools attended the party and the district is cooperating with local authorities in an investigation.

Tustin Doctor Arrested for Narcotics Charges

Dr. Dzung Ahn Pham, 57, of Tustin, was arrested on two charges of distributing narcotics in December, according to a United States Department of Justice press release. Undercover DEA operations were successfully able to buy prescription drugs from Pham whose prescriptions have been linked to five overdose deaths in the last three years. Recently, a Mission Viejo man was charged in the death of a Costa Mesa fire captain after the suspect hit him with a car while under the
influence of medication prescribed by Pham.

Teal Jeep Foils Robbery

Samuel McClintock, 20, of Garden Grove was arrested on charges for an attempted bank robbery that took place December 19, 2018, according to New Santa Ana. McClintok walked into a Wells Fargo in Santa Ana and slipped a threatening note to a teller. The teller set off the alarm and McClintok fled in a teal colored Jeep Wrangler and was arrested January 14, 2019 after tips from the community led officers to pursue him as suspect.

Lemur at Large

In July 2018 a ring-tailed lemur named Isaac was stolen from the Santa Ana Zoo after someone cut open a chain linked fence to his enclosure according to ABC7. The lemur is an endangered species and the theft is considered a federal crime. Isaac was later recovered inside of a plastic crate that was dropped off at a Newport Beach hotel with a note attached.