14 OC Fair delicacies that will make foodies go wild

Rich bacon and onions embellishing fair food. (Michael Saechang/ Flickr)

From Siracha funnel cake to orange chicken burritos

The 2018 OC Fair will be occurring for 23 nights from July 13 through August 12. Hours of admission on Wednesdays through Fridays begin at 12 p.m. and end at 12 a.m, whereas Saturdays and Sundays hours begin at 11 a.m.

The OC Fair collaborated with food vendors to host a $3 Taste of Fair Food event providing food samples each Thursday from 12 p.m to 4 p.m. for $3.

1. Peanut butter, jelly and Siracha funnel cakes.


2. Deep-fried cheese curds, mac ‘n’ cheese bites, and shrimp and cheese “jammers.”


3. Chicken Charlie’s deep-fried filet mignon on a stick, shrimp or chicken ramen burritos, and deep-fried pineapple on a stick


4. Pignotti’s spaghetti donut which includes pesto, alfredo, carbonara or marinara toppings and lasagna nachos.


5. OC Crunch Cinnamon Rolls including caramel, cinnamon crunch cereal and frosting.


6. Ten Pound Bun’s Pine and Swine sourdough bread embellished with butter, garlic, cheddar, mozzarella cheese, pineapple, and ham.


7. Biggy’s Caramel Crack Fries topped with whipping cream and sprinkles


8. Chili chamoy candy apples


9. Texas Donut’s unicorn cotton candy donut topped with sparkling strawberry glitter glaze, rainbow candy, and bubble gum cotton candy


10. Passion fruit, Thai, oolong, mango, jasmine, and lychee bubble tea.


11. Unicorn, Orange Dream, and Mermaid cotton candy floats


12. Totally Baked Cookie Joint’s Big Skillet cookie


13. Hot buns embellished in cherry pie filling, salted caramel, and maple bacon frosting


14. Poke, sushi, and orange chicken burritos