Zodiac Playlists

Record Player signifying music- (Julia Simpson/Lariat)

Spotify allows users to make playlists based on their desire for organization of genres, specific songs that are in accordance to their mood and for others to listen and enjoy as well. Elin Christensen made playlists that resonate with your specific Zodiac sign. In order to gain perspective, the people of Twitter have spoken and given their opinion based on their Zodiac signs whether or not the playlists truly resonate with their sign.

After posting to Twitter the links to the playlists, there were four people that responded and gave their critiques. Some decided that there were specific songs that connected to them, but not all of them, or that the playlist as a whole related perfectly with their Zodiac sign.

The first person to give their opinion was Ali Mooney; her Zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Unfortunately, Christensen did not make a playlist for Sagittarius, nor for Scorpio, but Chani Nicholas did so she used hers as her Sagittarius playlist.

“Okay so: I liked the playlist, but it didn’t necessarily resonate with being a sag for me,” Mooney said. “There were a few songs that did though and those were the ones that stuck out the most: Wildflower by Tom Petty, What else by Ree & Lleina and Bad girl by Lady Wray.”

While Mooney didn’t relate much with her Zodiac Playlist, Jaisey Higuera stated her Zodiac sign is the perfect balance between all emotions. Considering Cancers feel emotions the deepest of all Zodiac signs, her comments on the playlist were quite detailed. Out of the four people that responded, she connected with her playlist the most.

“Okay, it’s funny because it’s perfectly for cancers because it equally has the sad in your feels songs like John Legend and Bruno Mars, but also the songs by like System of a Down or Eminem where they make you feel like a bad mother f—–,” Higuera said. “The way I can explain a Cancer and that playlist is like the week leading up to your period, but all the time. Not sure what you’re gonna get, but you have to deal with it either way.”

Alongside Higuera, Kiana Aghaeepour explains that, as a Taurus who appreciates diversity, the songs chosen for her playlist resonates with her to the fullest. Taurus generally have a wide variety of tastes in music and appreciate new sounds, new artists and generally anything that helps them feel the emotions they are feeling in that moment.

“I like the playlist because I actually like all of the genres in it,” Aghaeepour said. “I think it does resonate with me because it does have a lot of variety, and when I listen to music I like to listen to something for any mood.”

Even though some resonated with either specific songs, or the playlist as a whole, not everyone was a fan of their playlist. As a Virgo, Nicholas Schmidt states that the playlist made for Virgo wasn’t at all what represents a Virgo.

“In my opinion I didn’t find any of the songs were things that I liked,” Schmidt said. “Some had some lyrics that I connected to, but when it comes to music you have to connect to the lyrics and how the music sounds as a whole.”

If any of you would like to take a listen to your personal Zodiac playlist and see if any of the songs represent you and your Zodiac sign, the link to Christensen’s profile is here. Check out her playlists and make your own opinion! While you’re at it, enjoy the tunes.