Why it’s ok to punch the alt-right but not Trump supporters

Richard Spencer addressing a press conference in Washington D.C (Ariel Zambelich/NPR)

Richard Spencer addresses a press conference in Washington D.C (Ariel Zambelich/NPR)

The reason is simple: the alt-right and the right are two different categories. Much like liberals and leftitst or libertarians and anarchist. There is a spectrum and you cannot slump them together, this is were issues arise.

Who are the Alt-right? They are radicalized young white men in America. They became radicalized  through Reddit and Voat, creating groups of people likeminded. The Alternative Right have an ethnocentric way of looking at things. As their ring leader Richard Spencer said,

“Our dream is a new society, an ethno-state that would be a gathering point for all Europeans. It would be a new society based on very different ideals than, say, the Declaration of Independence.”

– Quoted by Vice, October 2013

What are Trump supporters? Anyone that has felt attacked by elite politicians and middle Americans. Trump supporters come from a different range of background all over the nation.

There is a huge difference, this is why the internet went crazy when a white gay trump supporter was pepper-sprayed in the face during the Berkley protests. Because there was no legitimate reason to pepper spray this women that was simply there in unitity for Trump. This is why it’s okay to punch Richard Spencer though. He believes the white race is superior and doesn’t need the other races. Spencer heils hitler and blames other races to incite race wars.

Richard Spencer assaulted during an interview.

Richard Spencer assaulted during an interview.

A video surfaced of Richard Spencer giving a speech after Donald Trump was elected president. It was given at a Washington Conference. Where Richard starts saying that the white race is superior and doesn’t need any other races. This started a big feud on the internet and many people were angry. Richard Spencer doesn’t take any responsibilty for his fighting words. And he has claimed many times he is not a white supremacist. Yet he called for a “peaceful ethnic cleansing” and is still claiming his movement isn’t violent. 

But here’s a thing liberals and Trump supporters have in common; they hate violence. They’re the type of people to say “so you’re going to fight everyone that doesn’t agree with your point of view?”

A teacher once told me there are no stupid questions just stupid people. And no, no, no, obviously people aren’t out there fist fighting with anyone that throws a slur or says something not politcally correct. Could you imagine how many fist fights I would of been in by now? In the 21 years of my hispanic life, parents are immigrants, I fall into the stereotypes. I would of been brawling all the white kids in my school! I grew up in southern orange! Redudantly republican, old, and white. No, I wasn’t fighting people, I will use that typical line but my friends are white!. So we aren’t savages. So where are these alt- righters? Hiding behind their anonymity presence on the Reddit, Voat and Twitter.

The fact is that these hate movements won’t get too far in 2017. Viral videos show racists being denounced in calm ways. I am not inciting violence, I am simply saying that this is OK. Yes it is OK, for too long have minorities groups have been pushed around told to stop resisting, stop fighting back. These are modern day Neo-Nazis and yet people got mad when Spencer got clocked in the face! Remember Nazis? Your grandparents probably fought in a war against them! So yes, 100% okay to punch the Alt-right but not Trump Supporters. They aren’t the enemy, they can be an ally if anything.