Why everyone should stop eating ice cream cake with a fork

Source: Pxhere

Imagine this: it is your birthday, and you are ten years old. You just traded your Magikarp Pokémon card for an Eevee card because the new kid does not understand how Pokémon works.

You look up to see the smiling faces of your friends as your mom tells you it is finally time for cake. Your heart starts racing, and your eyes practically bulge out of your face as you turn the corner to see the cake is not just a regular cake…. it is an ice cream cake.

I would love to tell you that the story ends here, that you made your wish and ate your cake in peace, but it does not. After your mom sets down your piece of cake in front of you along with the utensil, the horror becomes quite apparent: everyone at your party is eating this ice cream cake with a fork.

Now, most people reading this are probably thinking:
“OK, what is the big deal? I eat ice cream cake with a fork all the time and have never noticed anything weird about it.”

Well, Karen, it is a big deal, and I will explain why so calm down.

Now, why is a spoon better? When push comes to shove, you can balance something like the layer of cake on the spoon, but you cannot pick up melted ice cream with a fork without it taking forever. This wastes product as well because all of it cannot be eaten, and it makes the whole ice cream eating experience more difficult than it is worth.

When I was younger, I looked around and noticed how everyone struggled to eat the melting ice cream with basically four sticks attached. However, I also noticed how no one did anything about it. No one asked for a spoon or used spoons at their ice cream cake events in the future; they just went with it because that is what everyone else was doing.

So, is using a fork for your ice cream cake the worst thing in the world? Of course not. But you know what is the worst? Ignoring the better way of doing something only because no one else is doing it.