Who’s town is it?

Photo of The Staples Center

Photo of Prayitno/Flickr

The big question is, what team runs Los Angeles? The Lakers or the Clippers? On Oct. 22, the Los Angeles Lakers and The Los Angeles Clippers faced off in a blockbuster matchup. What a perfect way to kick off the season! The Clippers outscored the Lakers by ten points. The final score was 102-112.

The Lakers and Clippers were the most talked about teams this offseason; The Lakers traded for Anthony Davis in the summer for the Lakers farm in hopes for another Lakers Championship under the franchises belt. Across the street, The Clippers picked up Kawhi Leonard and Paul George this offseason, aiming to create a dynamic duo between those two phenomenal players.

Right now, the Clippers look like the better team. They are a very defensive team and a very defensive mindset. This team could be the best defensive team ever assembled. The funny thing is this Clipper team has only played one game! It’s still too early to tell if the Clippers will be good this season or not but, this team has depth and grit to bring the first championship to the Clippers.

The Lakers, on the other hand, have two of the top-five players on the same team, LeBron James and Anthony Davis. It’s championship or die for the Lakers right now because we can’t tell when Father Time will catch up to LeBron’s age (34 years old.) The Lakers have new assets to fill in some of the critical roles and positions to fill in their championship aspirations.

After the Lakers first loss to the season, many people are panicking about what the outcome will be for this season. Big-time sports reporters said that It will always be a Lakers town because of the 16 championships they have one. Now the Lakers have a 3-1 and are playing god-level defense, all they need to do is convert on offense, and they are for sure favorites to win it all. It’s just a matter of everyone staying healthy. So let’s cross our fingers and hope everyone stays healthy.

Is it time for the rise of the Clippers to take The City of Angels. Caesars Palace Betting predicts that the Clippers will win the NBA championship this 2019-2020 season. Or can the Lakers secure a 17th trophy tying with the Boston Celtics with the most all-time championships?