What you can do for Gaza all the way from America

A red triangle with green and black on a white background to signify the Palestinian flag with a hand raised as a fist to show support. Justine Baginski/Lariat

The Israel Defense Forces, also known as IDF, have been conducting airstrikes and ground operations in the Gaza Strip for the past seven months, following Hamas’ attack on Israel in October 2023. Palestinians have faced war against Israel for many years, and the war continues today with devastating news and tens of thousands of losses of citizens.

Despite how complex the issue may be, there are a number of things people can do to show support and solidarity towards Gaza, even from their own homes across the world.

1. Donations:

Donating to organizations that help those impacted with medical care, items and humanitarian support is one of the more direct ways to support Palestinians. The people of Gaza and the West Bank’s suffering are actively being reduced by groups like the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, Medical Aid for Palestinians, MAP, and the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund, PCRF.

2. Sharing Information on Social Media:

Social media is an effective outlet for spreading the word about the war on Palestinians. Creators can advise their friends and followers about the ongoing injustices and human rights violations by sharing news articles, personal accounts and resources. It’s also helpful to clear the air about any myths and to help others bring attention to, understand and empathize with the voices of Palestinians.

3. Boycotting:

Another way to support the citizens of Gaza is to boycott businesses that benefit from or endorse Israeli actions. This includes the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, BDS, campaign as well as simply staying away from goods or businesses that are engaged in illegal settlements. People can demand responsibility from companies that violate human rights and can apply economic pressure by depriving them of their income.

4. Petitions:

Signing petitions can put pressure on government officials and can help the citizens. Government bodies can be pushed to act as more petitions are signed, demanding acknowledgment of Palestinian rights. Some websites that offer petitions are Change.org and Avaaz.

Aside from these, it’s important not to accuse or judge anyone for how much or how little they’re doing. Scrutiny and judgment causes a divide, so as much as it may be tempting to be angry towards others for inactivity, anger will only cause a larger divide and an environment where nobody will want to become involved in the situation at all.

For all of these options, the general idea is that the more voices, the better. No matter where you are, you can use your voice to advocate for others.