What it’s REALLY like to own a Sphynx Cat

Sure hairless cats are fun, but who’s gonna bathe them?

Sphynx cat gets their weekly bath. Photo credit: needpix.com

So you want a sphynx. Some joys and hindrances come with ownership of hairless cats. I have two and let me tell you; it’s a full-time job. If you plan on getting a sphynx, make sure you get two cats! 

They are challenging to obtain, and they are expensive, ranging from $1,200- $2,300 per kitten, but trust me, they need a companion. My girls are together 24/7 and sphynx are known for needing company. Whether they are cuddled up into one hairless mass or beating the hell out of each other, the two are inseparable. 

EVERYONE has an opinion on sphynx. Most of the comments are negative, so get used to it: “Ew! What IS that thing?” 

“Those things are SO ugly, why would you want one?”

“You can’t even pet it.”

“They look so mean and scary.”

Hairless cats are known for their pink, wrinkled bodies, and not everyone is keen on them. While their looks are not everyone’s cup of tea, once you look past their permanent scowl, they are super cute. 

Sphynx require LOTS of care. Weekly baths, heating pads, sweaters, nasty ear cleanings, applying sunscreen… It’s just like taking care of a baby. While these little gremlins are constantly licking between their toes and cleaning themselves, they require a lot more bathing than their fellow haired cats. Because they have no fur to absorb skin oils, they get greasy like reallllyyyyy greasy. 

This means no blanket, curtain, pillow, or rug is safe from the brown grease marks the cats leave in their path. After my cats get a bath, the throw pillows and white curtains go in the wash with their bedding. 

With everyone’s negative stereotype of hairless cats aside, they are the sweetest, most loving, cuddly cats ever. This may be because they only want to steal your body warmth, but it’s nice to think they like us. Sphynx are the most “dog-like” cats on the market. 

They love attention, super needy, and always want to be cuddled up on your lap. Another plus of having no hair means that the breed is hypo-allergenic for people with allergies who long for a pet of their own. Adopting my two spooky cats was the best choice I could have made, and I am so glad I did!