Trump Jr. compares Syrian refugees to Skittles

The presidential debate happened last night and had a lot of people buzzing.

Follow social media and discover many didn’t take this too seriously. Snapchat was full of college students giving their valid input, which is great, but there was also a lot of face-swapping of the two candidates and dog filters put on them through the mobile app.

Others said, “I vote for pizza.” Who  wouldn’t vote for pizza?

Seeing as how we are talking about food, let us bring up the topic of last week on a tweet Donald Trump Jr. posted. It was an ad comparing the Syrian refugees to the candy Skittles.

Yes, Skittles.

Many people are outraged by this statement from the Republican and thought it was a horrible analogy. Trump Jr.’s ad states below that if there was a bowl of Skittles, and three were poison among the many, they would kill you.

People all over Twitter clapped back with the fact that Skittles are a food, and the refugees are people. Some funny memes, and some graphic images to show some reality.

As seen in the tweet below, that child is a Syrian refugee who was hit by an air strike. Definitely not a deadly piece of candy.

Big difference, Trump Jr., and most likely, a bad move to make just before his dad’s presidential debate.