Top 5 sports documentaries

Sports account for some of our greatest sources of entertainment because of their must-see action. They show rivalry and huge battles, while also showing the hard work that teams go through to reach their championship’s final goal. Documentaries are our greatest sources because they show the hardship that an athlete or team will go through to reach their final goal— putting not only their city but also their team on the map.

‘Bad boys’

ESPN Films presents “Bad Boys,” a documentary about the Detroit Pistons of the late 80s and early 90s. The Bad Boys were nicknamed the “Thugs of the NBA”- National Basketball Association- for their hard play on the court and disregard for the media or other players off the court. 

They had to face two dynasties in the Boston Celtics with the legendary Larry Bird and the Lakers with their legend Magic Johnson while having to deal with  an up and coming star named Michael Jordan. The Pistons job wasn’t to have everyone like them, but to beat all the guys everyone loves. They were a team that a few loved, but most hated.

‘The Fab Five’

ESPN Films presents The Fab Five,” a documentary about the five trend-setting freshmen that took the National Collegiate Athletic Association by storm. In the 1990s, five freshmen, Juwan Howard, Jimmy King, Ray Jackson, Jalen Rose and Chris Webber were tasked to turn their university around and became NCAA champions. They had to deal with harsh critics saying there was no need to have five freshman starting and former graduates mad that freshmen are not representing what they believe young children should show. 

‘The Last Dance’

“The Last Dance” is a docu-series produced by ESPN that revolves around one of the best teams in the NBA and sports history. It follows the Chicago Bulls for their 1997-1998 season in their quest to win their six championship rings and their second time winning three championships in a row. The film shows Michael Jordan’s career and many other Chicago Bulls with tons of never before seen film from his seasons with the team.

‘Behind Baker’

“Behind Baker” is a docu-series that explains the journey of the 2017 Heisman trophy winning quarterback Baker Mayfield. It navigates through the behind the scenes journey from college football to the National Football League Draft. One of the most talked-about and best quarterbacks of this decade has to face all the doubters en route to be drafted number one.

‘Hard Knocks Los Angeles’

Coming off of a nine to seven record for the Los Angeles Rams and a five to 11  record for the Los Angeles Chargers, the Rams and Chargers were subjects for the 16th season of Hard Knocks, a docu-series about a NFL training camp. For the first time the audience is shown two teams and how NFL teams are made before the start of the NFL season while getting a sneak peak of their new $5 Billion Stadium, SoFi Stadium. 

While also dealing with the pressure of winning a Super Bowl they also have to follow new safety measures because of COVID-19. Midway through the show we are also brought into the mix of a racial and social justice.