Top 5 Songs on Young Thugs Album ‘So Much Fun’

Young Thug performing live. Photograph: Wiki Commons

Young Thug, also known as Jeffrey, Sex and Thugger is one of raps most influential rappers since stepping onto the scene in 2014. In August, the superstar dropped his first album of 2019 and it really is so much fun.

5. “Jumped Out the Window”

record is strictly for turning up. The instrumental is very 808 heavy which is consistent with a lot of Thuggers music. Even though there are times where you can’t tell what Young Thug is saying really, it is still something you can vibe to. This is a song that would best be played in a club or a party scene with a younger, more party heavy crowd.

4. “Cartier Gucci Scarf” featuring Lil Duke

Although this may not be the most radio friendly or mainstream song, this is the epitome of Young Thugs style. Thugger dips into a different type of flow and voice in this record. As he is known for and often does. The feature by Lil Duke complements Thuggers style as they go off on many different tangents throughout the song. While Sex uses a very high pitched voice on this track, Duke is almost grunting or intentionally making his voice deeper to contrast Young Thugs flow. The hook goes as follows, “Wipe the Cartiers off with a Gucci scarf, wipe the Cartiers off with a Gucci scarf, wipe the Cartiers off with a Gucci scarf, wipe the Cartiers off with a Gucci scarf,” says Thugger. Young Thugs music is all about having fun, letting loose, and offering a vibe for his fans to turn up to. With his catchy hooks and multi dimensional flow, Jeffreys music is far from repetitive, even though it can seem like that at times.

3. “Big Tipper” featuring Lil Keed

On this record, Thugger uses multiple flows and heavy 808s to back his delivery. Switching up his flow 3 times on the record, he really shows his understanding and talent in rap as a whole. Lil Keed, Jeffreys young prodigy goes extremely hard for his verse and also switches up his flow 2 times. One of the many hooks on the record goes, “Okay, I fuck her every night and she still aint seen my eyes,” says Young Thug. These are the lyrics the younger trap scene go crazy for.

2. “Just How It Is”

On an album full of trap and fun music, Jeffrey managed to squeeze in one serious record. The record is very serious and in yet another flow that is unparalleled to his others. Thuggers creativity shines through on this record using his word play to tell his story. “I came from rags to riches, I’m the shit,” says Young Thug. Jeffrey even addresses the controversial topic about him wearing dresses in this record. Stating that he, “Had to wear the dress ’cause I had a stick.” Thugger says this because in rap, a stick means a gun. Implying that the only reason he wore dresses in the past is because his gun was too big to hide in his pants.

1. “Hot” featuring Gunna

This is the top record on the album. Considering who the featured artist on the record is, it should come as no surprise that this is the number 1 song on this chart as well as Spotify and iTunes/Apple Music. The instrumental is very unique but basic at the same time. The record brings a lot of energy. Gunnas hook for this record really sets the tone right off the bat. The record starts, “Everything litty, I love when it’s hot, turned up the city, I broke off the notch, I created history and made me a lot,” says Gunna.  With a hook like this it is clear why Gunna is a very popular rapper in his own right. Thugger revealed that the record was originally Gunnas but due to their relationship, Gunna let Jeffrey have the song for his album.