Tinder: the playground for players

Picture from Creative Commons taken by Denis Bocquet

Picture from Creative Commons taken by Denis Bocquet

Tinder is an mobile application for women and men that is used to find dates. Tinder is a downloadable platform available for smart phone users.

In using Tinder, an individual will sign up  including personal details about their age, hometown, and what they are looking for in the same or opposite sex.

Once an individual has signed up, Tinder will show its users matches that are within close proximity. Users then flip through pictures of men or women and swipe to the right for “yes” and swipe to the left for “no.” If an individual opts to swipe “yes,” the application will then show its users if the user on the other side swiped “yes” for you as well, which will make a “match.” The matched users can participate in a private conversation, which often times will lead to meeting in person.

The dilemma about this application is that many people are on it for one reason: sex.

Tinder is not a platform to build a substantial relationship from.

An anonymous Tinder user said that women have asked him for paid sex. Some of these women with varying ages from 18-25 are posting explicit photos of themselves on Tinder.

Women and men are the players. There is no blame just on men or women. A player is someone that dates someone while dating others and not telling them about it, and perhaps being intimate with more than one person at once.

Tinder is an international application, and can be used pretty much in any place. It’s categorized under a “dating application” but is that really the appropriate terminology for it? Shouldn’t it be called something a little more truthful?

Technology has inadvertently interrupted the human-to-human interaction. It used to be that an individual would go out for some coffee and see someone who interests them, then ask for their number and maybe go on a date.   Now it has become, go on Tinder for five minutes, swipe which ones look good, and then meet up after work for a quickie. Granted there are those one in a million situations where two people end up boyfriend and girlfriend from Tinder.

When asked if this Tinder user, name anonymous, would stop using Tinder if they found someone, the reply was “No, because it’s entertaining to me. I get to go on and see all these girls and it’s exciting.”

Tinder has become the epitome of a “quick fix” where it has an addictive quality to it for being so accessible. The ability to see that girl or guy that is attractive at any given time or place is far too unhealthy and is too often taken for granted.

Yet, why would you care about a stupid application called Tinder?

Well, if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend that has the application and talks to other people without you knowing, I’m certain you would care.

Tinder has degraded the monogamy trait in men and women.

After reading this, go ask a friend if they are on Tinder, or even someone you know. Are they interested in a monogamous relationship with a guy or girl? Tinder has taken the chivalry out of getting to know someone over time and then entering an intimate relationship.

Overall, Tinder is to be used wisely and with caution.