“TikTok famous” music artists and a college student’s opinion

Black and green headset on LED keyboard. Justine Baginski/Lariat

There are hundreds, if not thousands of new music artists beginning to make a name for themselves on the internet, especially on TikTok. As they rise to fame, there are many mixed reviews on their music. Which music artists are worth exploring and which aren’t?



Odetari’s music is very modernistic, featuring fast paced beats and an auto tuned voice. It’s fairly catchy in my opinion despite how unique it may sound to others.

Odetari has around 9.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Many users on TikTok comment about his use of lyrics, which do mention sexualizing lesbian couples and objectifying women. His music can be trendy and fun, but when I listen to the lyrics, I find myself cringing. 

Putting questionable lyrics aside, I do have a few favorite songs of his just for their beat. I like “NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER,” “GMFU (w/ 6arelyhuman)” and “LOOK DON’T TOUCH.”


Chris Grey:

I am personally a big fan of fiery and sensual music, combining passion and emotion into one. Chris Grey’s songs are just that, especially the ones featured on TikTok. In fact, I’m listening to Chris Grey as I write this!

Chris Grey has around 700,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

From what I’ve seen, his music has been used in many car videos and cinematic videos of cities or sunsets. His lyrics usually revolve around love, lust and, in some cases, cheating. For me, he has far too many good songs for me to be bothered by the lyrics regarding cheating. 

My favorite songs from Chris Grey, which I recommend, would have to be “ALWAYS BEEN YOU,” “COLD BLOODED,” “LET THE WORLD BURN” or even “FALLEN ANGEL.”



Ever rising on TikTok is the music genre “phonk,” a subgenre of trap and hip hop. I quite like phonk music, and 6YNTHMANE’s electronic music scratches that adrenaline-loving itch in my brain.

6YNTHMANE has around five million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Used primarily for video games, cars, or even just cool montages, 6YNTHMANE’s music has spread quite far on the internet. In fact, I don’t see much of the genre phonk outside of the internet, which makes this artist very TikTok specific. 

When I’m in the mood for more confrontational daydreaming typically involving sports cars and fighting my enemies, I’ll play “BRAZILIAN DANÇA PHONK” or “Ashi Ashi.” 



Yeat’s music is classified as “hip hop trap rage,” although I’d say it’s less of that cluster of words and more of a mix between trap and rap. Yeat didn’t get popular solely from TikTok, but some of his songs have skyrocketed in popularity after being played on the app. 

Yeat has around 23.5 million monthly listeners on spotify.

Many times his songs accompany anime videos, edits, or transition videos. His song “Tell më” is currently popular on TikTok because of the newly released “Dune: Part Two” and its main character Paul Atreides.

Some songs that I would recommend are “Flawlëss,” “Tell më” and “Nun id change,” with the last one being my favorite. 

There are many other music artists that are getting thrown into the limelight by TikTok just waiting to be discovered. It would be impossible to cover them all! All of the above mentioned artists are just a few of the most common I hear on my feed.