There are satanic minds behind the scenes of Los Angeles

Kanye West performing during the 2019 Chance the Rapper tour (Danny O’Donnell/DO213)

Is it safe to say that Kanye West has officially lost it?

Kanye West has some very bold claims in his newest album “Jesus is King” an album that does not even have a true release date yet. The only songs have been heard at listening parties and released snippets from those events. 

In the album, he speaks about Los Angeles and how the city is “lettin’ Satan run the streets.” Clearly, he has some kind of divine meaning behind this album. It has even been stated that the album contains so cursing at all. 

West has been an easy target in the media for a long time and it is clear there is going to be no change in that anytime soon.

As Orange County citizens we must be clear from the demonic rule of the Los Angeles streets. No need to worry about the satanic ideas that control what really goes on in the media hotbed that is Los Angeles. 

Sure we have our struggles like the heat waves of this summer, or crowded parking lots and terrible traffic but apparently, it is much better than Los Angeles. Or maybe it the aftershock of the rulers of L.A. beaming down to Orange County. Could there be some truth to what West is trying to say in his new album?

He is definitely of his rocker with this one.