Take advantage of Saddleback’s counseling services

Get the guidance through the Saddleback counselors

Saddleback College counseling services and courses strive to help create successful academic journeys and lives. Counselors have dedicated their lives to guide others in their pursuit through education and life. They understand people and equip them with the knowledge and resources to direct them in the most successful pathway possible.

 Sometimes one talk is all it takes to change your life for the better, and the people who dedicate their lives to these services love to talk to people while also trying to help them achieve their goals. Most of them know what it was like to not understand the path through education or life, and they have gained the knowledge to guide others along their way.

“I think it is important to have a great sense of compassion and empathy for individuals,” said Kaylan Rasch, a Saddleback College counselor. “On any given day, I can see someone for career, personal or academic concerns. Being able to stay organized, positive, flexible, and analytical are good traits to have while working with people.”

Scheduling meetings and taking counseling will change your life, and have benefits that will carry into your current academic studies as well.

“A state-wide study of Missouri high schools found that students in schools with more fully implemented school counseling programs were more likely to report that they had earned higher grades, their education was better preparing them for the future, their school made more career and college information available to them, and their school had a more positive climate,” stated in the Journal of Counseling & Development.

Not only will taking advantage of these services excel your academic life, but those that have learned about these services will notice benefits in their personal life too.

“Whether students are starting or completing their education, re-entering the workforce, looking for new professional opportunities, or pursuing education for personal enrichment, taking the time to meet with a counselor and utilize the services offered in counseling will pay life-long dividends,” said Michael Engels, a Saddleback generalist counselor and counseling instructor. “The services offered by the Division of Counseling Services are designed to not only to help students find solutions to immediate needs, but to also teach students a systemic process to answer life’s most important questions.”

Some people think that they could just talk to friends and family instead of a professional, but your friends and family are most likely not the most qualified to help you with educational and career struggles. Those who have counseling skills have the knowledge to help people more efficiently solve problems. Also, talking with friends or family is a reciprocal back and forth process, but when talking to a counselor the spotlight is on you and is completely confidential.

Saddleback College offers a variety of very useful counseling services that students should take advantage of. People who take advantage of these services will notice a plethora of benefits in your personal and academic life as well.