Stressing Isn’t a Blessing During The Holidays

Saddleback College/Lariat – Emily Licitra

Thanksgiving is a time of bringing family and friends together. However, holiday cheer may seem so dear, but the hustle and bustle always requires a lot of muscle. And with finals approaching, best to sit tight and study all night.

At this time of year, students can benefit by applying strong study skills. A good first step is taking advantage of school programs and tutors. It’s important for students to be proactive in they’re educational goals by asking for help when necessary. When it comes to preparing, it’s never too late to hit the books. Here are 5 great study tips that can make a difference.

Plan ahead of time
It’s important to make a schedule and stick to it. Time management is key and its not something to be ignored or pushed aside. Even with overwhelming schedules, one can put in time each day to retain lecture information. Planning ahead can also reduce stress and anxiety thereby maximizing focus and concentration. Setting a personal deadline can also be helpful in making room for other subjects.

Creating your environment
It’s best to create a space that best suits you. Perhaps a quiet room like a library or cozy coffee shop. It’s important to establish a good mindset and to be prepared and be prepared to focus. Having few distractions can make a significant difference in retaining information. The right environment can help motivate minimize stress

Tutors and study groups
Forming Groups is also a great way to establish confidence and social camaraderie. Its always fun and easy to have a study buddy plus reviewing information wit others can also reinforce what you learn in class similar to a professor during lecture. And with groups, anyone that falls behind can easily catch up with tutorial support. It’s better to ask for help than to fail.

Sleep and eat
Not having enough energy can ruin your motivation. All-nighters can be dangerous making one feel exhausted not to mention lazy. Your study time can suffer and yes, there are times where the day can get overwhelming and getting enough sleep can be hard but it’s important to not make it a habit. Same with eating and consuming the right foods for brainpower.

Don’t Cram
Everyone Procrastinates, its a habit that a lot of people carry and its something we all became professionals at. Having enough time during the day to study can be less stressful and actually be helpful for someone who has a difficult time focusing or locking information. Cramming information can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Taking breaks during study sessions can actually make you more productive not to mention more focused.

While we still have a few more weeks until finals it’s never too late to get a head start on preparation. Working ahead of time can help reduce stress and to be honest, it’s a great feeling not having to worry about something once you got it all figured out. With the holidays coming closer and closer let’s have something to look forward to rather than stressing on blissful days.

Written by Emily Licitra