‘Split’ : An interesting new addition into M. Night Shyamalan’s twisted world

James McAvoy nailed his multiple roles in "Split." (Universal Studios)

James McAvoy nailed his multiple roles in “Split.” (Universal Studios)

M. Night Shyamalan has greatly improved his form after a series of hit and miss movies, according to Variety magazine. This recent entry into the thriller genre has been a massive hit over the past weeks, especially with younger fans of Shyamalan’s work.

So, what has helped “Split” gain a staggering 7.5 out of 10 and 62 score on Metascore? James McAvoy, who portrays a man with 23 different personalities carries this movie. It is refreshing to see a thriller-type movie with good acting and a realistic feel to it.

His psychotic personality has taken these girls captive, while his other personalities keep, in check the other aspects of himself. There is definitely a strong mixture of humor and bizareness that really carries this film.

McAvoy is the definite highlight of this film, but one of the captive girls played by Anna-Taylor Joy also has an interesting storyline. The film shows her brutal past with her uncle in flashbacks that sort of bring to light a new attitude towards her character as the movie gets more and more twisted.

The audience also gets to experience this man’s visits to a psychologist who specializes in studying people with split-personality disorder. Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley), tries to find this man’s true self through all of his personalities. He informs her that a 24th personality is taking form which ties in with the revelation of the film.

One of the most stand-out moments from “Split” comes from a scene where McAvoy literally plays every single one of his personalities. It is overwhelming and downright bizarre to see this man go completely insane.

The movie is linked to another one of Shyamalan’s earlier movies, which many may realize as the film progresses. As it is part of the twist, not much else can be said other than to experience it for yourself. 

The film is worth watching to the fans of the same man who created  “The Sixth Sense” which is his most well-known thriller. It will grasp the attention of those interested in psychological thrillers and people who are invested in McAvoy’s previous work.