Spice: the world’s new Evil

Spice, a synthetic marijuana, is a growing concern in the United States due to its deadly side effects (photograph/ Denver Policce Dept.).

Spice, a synthetic marijuana, is a growing concern in the United States due to its deadly side effects (photograph/ Denver Policce Dept.).


Spice, the world’s new Evil.

The world’s pressures, partying, lack of maturity, embarrassment through peer pressure, and school responsibilities are all major contributors to the use of drugs, specifically, Spice.

Why is the younger generation partaking in drug abuse on a daily basis?

What is Spice?  It is a synthetic drug that might also be referred to as K2, Cloud 9, Scooby Snax, Flake Weed, and is out there in deceptively colorful packages and, worse yet, is legal.

The side effects of Spice include increased heart rate, nausea, heart attack, and even death.

Connor Eckhardt, 19, was an Orange County local that took one hit of Spice and died from it. Veronica Eckhardt, Connor’s mother, has since launched Facebook awareness of what this drug is and how it affected her family. She finds time to talk with many people from all over the country to discuss and to help educate about Spice and any other synthetic drugs.

“It is taking over towns, cities, states. You can get it at a gas station,” Veronica said.

This devastating drug comes from foreign places like China, Russia, or makeshift domestic labs, according to the facts page on www.thedirtiestkeptsecret.org.

In all reality, most of the youth generation is currently medicated. Whether you are guilty by association or do it yourself, drug abuse has become rampant and habitual among many and a new fad for others.

But what drives someone to reach out and grab that Spice? “Most of the time it is driven by curiosity and the thought that it will never happen to me,” according to Veronica.
Veronica shared that there was a lack of medical knowledge regarding why these kids are so sick and in hospitals. Due to such a nonchalant approach to help, many have died.

That old parental warning, “Don’t try drugs, kid,” just became more relevant than ever.

If a local kid named Connor Eckhardt just passed away from taking one hit of Spice, it should raise more of a concern for your own sake.

Spice, is a synthetic drug that is cheap. Spice is a drug that could kill you.  Spice is just an excuse to fit in. Instead, save up for that new car.  Or go on a roller coaster, if you seek a thrill.

What is that is missing in your life? “Youth tends to be overworked by parents or themselves, with stress and pressure to succeed, to get that job, even score well on the SAT. It all adds up,” Veronica said.

The stress of life could result in more escapism to lead to drugs. But the crutch of drugs just became your worst enemy. The severity cannot be emphasized enough.

“The risk is not worth it,” said Veronica. “I’ve found that faith is what helps my family. Find something that you like in life, a hobby, like tennis.”

The innocence and fun behind drug abuse has collapsed as we watch on the news and learn of fatalities due to this devastating drug. Find fun in something more productive and healthy. It is not worth it.

Please visit: www.thedirtiestkeptsecret.org to read more facts about Spice and how you can help your community spread awareness.