10 songs to get you through this week

Arto Lindsay, songwriter of “Ridiculously Deep” (Carstor/Wikimedia)

10 songs to listen to while you work this week

Below are 10 songs to get you through this week. Listen to them on Apple Music.

1. Bill Evans – “Piece Peace”

This is definitely one of my favorite cuts in Bill Evans’ discography. Bill was undoubtedly a genius, he played piano on Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue”— the highest selling jazz album of all time. The minimal and repetitive nature of this composition makes listening to it an especially meditative experience.

2. Kelsey Lu – “Morning After Coffee”

Kelsey Lu’s angelic voice and minimalistic songwriting are highlighted in this track— the short plucks of her cello ebb back in forth with her singing throughout the songs duration. I had the pleasure of seeing Kelsey perform last year, and hearing this track live was a very cathartic experience. I highly recommend listening to her debut album “Church.”

3. Arto Lindsay – “Ridiculously Deep”

I discovered Arto’s solo work around a year ago when this track popped up during a plunge into the depths of YouTube’s suggested video algorithm. It’s extremely dissimilar to his work with the noise/no-wave band DNA.

The vocals are reminiscent of A.C. Jobim, and the instrumental itself sounds like something off of a Sade record. These two elements fused together make it a very calming, anxiety reducing track.

4. Toro y Moi – “Ordinary Pleasure”

This cut comes off of Chaz Bundick’s latest record “Outer Peace.” Its groove could’ve been pulled from a Daft Punk record, making it much more pop/electronic oriented than songs off of his previous records. This one is great for daytime drives.

5. Tierra Whack – “Fruit Salad”

“Worry ‘bout yourself and don’t worry about nobody / Drinkin’ water, eatin’ fruits, and takin’ care of my body” Tierra raps on this track. I think there’s nothing more positive and wholesome than drinking water and eating fruit, and that’s what makes this song great. Take care of yourself this week! If everyone listened to Tierra the world would be a better place.

6. Foo Fighters – “Everlong”

This song is a classic and the video is also amazing! Dave Grohl is a seriously talented songwriter, and it shines through in this song. This song is great to listen to late at night before bedtime. You have probably heard this song, and you should probably hear it again.

7. The Sugarcubes – “Birthday”

I discovered this track fairly recently, and I really love how Bjork’s voice sounds over this type of instrumental. It sounds like a lot of other songs from the 80s but Bjork’s dominating vocals are what make it stand out when compared to other songs from this era. It is fun and emotional, which is rare.

8. Coldplay – “Yellow”

Coldplay is honestly pretty underrated, a lot of people dislike their music, but there are a few songs like this one stand out in their discography. It’s extremely catchy. “Clocks” is another great song by Coldplay. This song is definitely something you should play if you need something to cheer you up.

9. Weezer – “Pink Triangle”

This is my favorite song off of “Pinkerton,” and it’s one of my favorite Weezer songs in general. Rivers Cuomo’s voice is at its best on this track, it sounds great on top of the distorted guitar chords. It’s just a very catchy, fun, song in general.

10. Blink 182 – “Pathetic” 

Blink 182 is a childhood favorite for a lot of people, myself included. Even if this doesn’t ring true for you, I think everyone could benefit from listening to some Blink 182. It brings you back to those days of teenage angst that are shamelessly cringeworthy.