OPINION: Should teachers have deadlines?


Ever stay up hours studying and researching for a test or a term paper? So much hard work put into every page or every minute studying with hopes the teacher sees the same quality you do. A week passes and you are still anxiously waiting for the instructor to give you your grade.

Every instructor gives a due date for each assignment and there are penalties if the assignment is turned in late. Many do not give any credit regardless of the reason, if it is late or not turned in at all.

The majority of the time, the instructor takes their time grading the assignment. Should instructors take as long as they desire to grade an assignment, test or paper?

I say no. It is not alright for them to grade when they feel like or get around to it. If instructors expect students to complete an assignment by a certain day, they should show the same courtesy to their students.

“If I have a deadline to turn my assignment into the teacher, then why shouldn’t they have a deadline to turn the grade into me,” said Courtney Johnston, 26, business major at Point Loma Nazarene University.

Although teachers should have a deadline to post grades for each assignment, it is something they can set themselves with a time frames that fits their schedule. In the syllabus they have a list of what to expect in the class. Instructors can just add the information there and then students would know when they will receive their grades.

This will hold instructors accountable to the dates they set. There should be different return times depending on the assignment. If it is a simple assignment given and due during the week, then less time should be set for grading.

“I feel like it would be good for the students if there were guidelines on when teachers should get back work, so students know what’s going on,” said Saddleback College philosophy major, Christopher Zulch, 18.

This has a cut and dry solution, but with its conditions. Instructors should look at their semester workload and evaluate how long they need to grade different assignments.

“I think teachers should have a deadline,” said Saddleback communications major, Mariam El Hasan, 18. “So that we can at least keep up with the class and we know what our grades look like.”

There then remains a factor, how long should instructors have? I think that teachers should have your assignments back to you before the next one is due. There are many times I completely expect a certain grade, I am anxious to know if I am right.

If the assignment is a paper then two weeks to get our grade is long enough.

Sometimes I rush through an assignment and do not think I did well, but still i’m impatient to find out. Many times I found that the instructor gave me more points than deserved. Instructors should be aware of what is on their plate and plan accordingly, like we have to do with the assignments. Teachers who do not procrastinate to grade are greatly appreciated.

“Some teachers wait 2-3 weeks before grading tests,” said novice teacher Aaron Sanderson via Quora.com. “That is crazy to me, but different subjects do call for different measures.”

Not everyone feels that instructors need a deadline and that they can take as long as they need to grade.

“Unless they offer credit to correct your mistakes,” said University of Arizona business major, Todd Hively, 46. “No, I don’t think they should have a time frame, they can do whatever they want.”

Students have a right to know when to expect their grades within a reasonable time. Guessing what grade you have or received is something students shouldn’t have to do. Unless there is an acceptable reason, instructors should have no reason to take their time in returning grades.


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