Save the turtles, not the Earth

In a world aimed toward progression, it’s still lazy.

Costco is making a statement by adding a paper straw to their plastic cups. (Lariat)

If you have gotten take out recently or been to your local food court, you might have noticed a pesky difference. The straws available are made out of flimsy eco-friendly paper instead of the sturdy eco murdering plastic straws.

Understandable and straightforward reason for the change is when those plastic straws make it to the ocean with the rest of our fantastic garbage; they are slurped up by sea turtles thinking they are jellyfish, ultimately killing Nemo’s friends Crush and Squirt. Seems smart and progressive to put an end to plastic clogging up our oceans until you realize the movement is only for the turtles.

Once a plastic cup with a plastic lid and a plastic straw to shove in our plastic faces to feed our plastic egos now comes with a paper straw because it’s 2019, and we are proactive.

While there are people genuinely making a difference in cutting plastic out of the world whether it be going full paper or creating bacteria to eat the unbreakable material, most companies are using the specific turtle situation as a gimmick to pretend to be with the “no plastic” movement while flipping the bird at making any changes.

Plastic is a leading cause of global warming and the destruction of the Earth (unfortunately, the US will have to wait until November 2020 to decide if we should recognize the obvious). Changes need to be made, but the first step is calling out the phonies using the concern and hype of profit and publicity.

The second step is taking action as an individual to cut plastic out of your life. Simple changes like using reusable water bottles, using reusable coffee mugs, using metal utensils, and buying bar soap and shampoo as opposed to body wash and shampoo bottles. If you are still worried about those hungry dumb turtles, use a metal straw and switch to paper grocery bags or bring your bag.

If you are all about the nonplastic movement and want to help out on a larger scale, nonprofit organizations like Plastic Oceans International and Waves Not Plastic are always looking for more help through volunteer and donation to clean up the beaches and oceans from human’s destruction.

Over five trillion pieces of plastic debris wonders the ocean already, and every year 18 billion pounds of plastic gets added while most people sit back feeling accomplished that they used a paper straw to drink from their plastic cup. It takes plastic over 1,000 years to decompose. To put that in perspective, 1,000 years ago, Rome was the most potent force, Vikings pillaged, and only Europe, Asia, and Africa were discovered by “advanced” civilizations.

Its time to wake the fuck up and take action before kill every animal on Earth, and we are drowning in our garbage, hoping Elon Musk can get us to Mars because we wiped out our first planet.