Pros and cons of swiping left or right


Jack and Sally meet after many years of being single. Sally went through a divorce and lost all hope in finding the right one. After a few years of meeting the wrong guy, Sally decided it was time to try online dating, after her single friends convinced her it can be more than fun and games. Sally met a few nice boys and eventually met Jack. They hit it off and are still in a relationship to this day.

More than 40 million people today are using online dating websites to find partners. According to, 44 percent of adults are single and looking for a partner, friend or companion.

Online dating is a booming success in what today’s day and age style of getting to know someone may mean. Learning their interests and finding out if one’s physical appearance meets your standards is one of the perks of these social media sites specifically dedicated to meeting people.

Today, millennials have become fascinated with the idea of swiping left when one doesn’t do you justice, and swiping right when their looks caught the best of you.

Is online dating the new orange? Keeping in mind that orange is the new black. This online trend has become common in the youth of today. While one must wonder how do you meet people when you have a busy schedule? This is the key.

Today, about 15 percent of U.S. adults have reported to have used and downloaded mobile dating apps available according to Pew Research Center, which has nearly tripled since 2013.

Online dating has your back. However, are there only perks that may come with online dating? That can’t be true, because everything has its flaws whether one wants to believe it.

Pros of online dating and the benefits that may come from it:

  1. There is a site for everyone. While one may be looking for a casual hookup, or a marriage proposal, different sites have a booming effect of producing satisfaction in different relationships individuals may look for. Different sites to choose from range from Tinder, Bumble, Okcupid, Match, ad Zoosk, etc.
  2. Access of online dating is simple. You create an account, many of which are free. Then you fill out your profile and let the site do the rest of the work. Automatically you have been accessed by hundreds of potential partners. Now you have the the choice to choose a person based on their looks, orientation and lifestyle.
  3. While communication for most people might be what makes a relationship or breaks it, online dating allows a safe and convenient interaction. Which means you may get to know someone, and understand how they react to certain things based on how they interact with you through a site. You may also figure out whether one truly sparks an interest in the same topics as you oppose to just a physical attraction.
  4. Availability and lack of time is one of the struggles many people have due to the fact of a conflicting schedule. Which is why online dating once again has your back. It is 24 hours, at any time of the day you can swipe through your phone and meet people when is convenient for you. On average, Tinder users spend up to 77 minutes a day swiping through options according to Huffington Post article.
  5. Everybody is doing it. You’re not alone. Based off of my observation, at least 3 out of 5 friends are successfully using online dating as a source of getting to know someone.

Cons of online dating:

  1. While there may be a site for everyone, everyone may not be meant for the site. Many people can become overwhelmed by the choices or even confused. Shopping for partners can be similar to the struggle of window shopping. While an outfit may look good on the mannequin, it does not mean it will look good on you. A site/app may just not fit you like it does for another.
  2. While the access to online dating may be simple, it does not mean everything is factual. With the ability of the being able to fill out your height, weight, color and interests, it also gives you the ability to lie about it. Everything you read does not guarantee that is was written honestly.
  3. Face to face interaction is the real key to communication. Social media allows you to put on an act of who you want to be or the way you want to be perceived. While one’s communication may be great through text, or just the very opposite, it leaves one wondering if this is how they will act in person.
  4. Online dating can start to feel like a job. You can become addicted to interacting with a partner based on looks and lifestyle making yourself become shallow. Looks aren’t everything, and different interest can be what makes a new relationship so interesting.
  5. Just because everybody is doing it, does not mean it is meant for you. While 3 out of 5 friends may be succesfully using a dating site to meet people, it does not necessarily mean they are meeting good people. Online dating does not give you the opportunity to have a real first impression. Majority of the time, the first impression is how “hot” you look in your profile picture.

Regardless of whether dating sites work for you or not, at the end of the day what is meant to be will be. If online dating does become a ritual part of your life, make sure it eventually leads into your offline life too. Essentially the goal of online dating is to open the door of an offline relationship and eventually swipe right on the “right” partner.