PRO/CON: Hookup or Hiccup on Tinder


By Josh Zent

A rising number of young men and women are looking for instant gratification, for this topic we’ll say easy access. The recent rise of tinder has given young adults the option to view pictures of potential mates, send messages and find out if the feeling is mutual. This eliminates the treacherous wondering if the intimate encounter your interested in feels the same because you chat with people you matched with. These factors lead to a greater confidence for those individuals who need a little boost, and reduce stress levels.

Although Tinder is primarily used to find a quick hook up can also lead to a long steady relationship; even dare it say it, marriage!

With no surprise the majority of Tinder users are males. Young males receive a lot of peer pressure from their peers when it comes to sexual encounters with potential mates. Tinder allows the otherwise shy and worrisome young man to search for potential hook ups from where he may feel most comfortable. He will also have to confidence to know he is sought after and dramatically increase his chances of telling his friends “he’s the man.”

Tinder allows user to view pictures and send messages before you “meet up”. Before Tinder various social media sites were a favorite hook up tactic for young men. Tinder has taken this idea and gets to the point, a favorite saying of young men and women in today’s society.

Tinder has recently fell under intense scrutiny and received much of the blame for a recent rise in STDs and infidelity. This is an easy avenue for users to place the blame on someone or thing beside themselves.

The truth is that there are many temptations and distractions throughout our lives and its up to us to make our own decisions and live up to them. If someone wants to cheat and/or have unprotected sex that is their decision and be must held accountable for their actions, and so will I!


By Nick Nenad

Why do you Tinder?

From pizza to parking, transport to traveling, the world is at the mercy of our fingertips – and relationships are certainly no exception.

From the time online communications were invented, dates and mates alike have adjusted and readjusted again to suit the newest method of meeting a partner online.

Answers are at your fingertips these days, and now we can just click on a button, and boom the answer is there for the world to see. That is how dating is becoming apparently too and I have a problem with that.

The app Tinder is becoming a phenomenon amongst teenagers and adults who are seeking quick hook ups or dates with the opposite sex. Inside the app there are pictures of profiles that you can see and if you like one you swipe right and can chat with the person and potentially set up a date or a meeting. Take, for example, Tinder’s touted “swipe” feature. If a user isn’t too fond of another user, that user is able to swipe left and move onto the next user to judge.

What happened to meeting someone in person and asking them on a date? I’d argue infinitely more romantic then “Ay gurl, I sent you an IM and liked ur photo, we should hang out 😉 #YOLO,” over an instant message on a smartphone app.

I’m not just concerned about the fact that people are using their phones too much, though, there are tangible issues with realistically trying to date through an app. How can you really know the picture of the person is factual? What if a sexual predator gets the app and tries to lure in young adults. Does Tinder have anything in affect to prevent this? The answer is no. Are you willing to take that risk?

According to an article by NextShark, a teen in Indiana recently used a Tinder-like app called Hot or Not and was subsequently jailed for 90 days and later registered as a sex offender for the next 25 years when he unwittingly had sex with a 14 year old girl. The girl had falsely said on the app that she was 17 years old. And although the app wasn’t specifically Tinder, it could easily happen on Tinder too.

My point is to stop being lazy people. Go out into the world, get some fresh air, stop sitting on your smartphones all day and meet people! Trust me, it will make you a much happier person.