Presidents Day weekend sales for college students (that aren’t furniture)

(Courtesy: Justin Lim/Unsplash)

While President’s day is a holiday that many get to enjoy off, it is often known for deals on furniture and more specifically mattresses. However, there are many other items on sale across various department stores. The Lariat gathered deals through categories that make up a college students starter pack which are simply items that they can’t live without and/or popular among students across campus.

1. Apple AirPods with Charging Case $20 Off (

AirPods, the most popular bluetooth wireless headphones on market, saw a price cut from $159.99 to $139.99 over President’s Day weekend. Apple products tend to never go on sale, especially on Apple’s own website but retailers that carry Apple products, such as Walmart had a sale for $20 off of AirPods. AirPods have become increasingly popular in many public spaces. When AirPods first came out, many jokes surfaced in regards to the design looking like electric toothbrush heads but quickly grew on consumers. 

2.Yeti Insulated Water Bottles 25% Off ( 

Yeti, one of the most durable insulated water bottles on the market had a sale on three different size water bottles for President’s Day weekend. They typically don’t have sales throughout the year, making it interesting to have one over this long weekend. In recent years, if you walk around any college campus, you see students with their insulated water bottles. It is unclear if they’re trying to be green, with the environment in mind or if it is simply just a status thing. (Disclaimer: They don’t include stickers from brands you don’t even wear.)

3. Adidas Slides On Sale for $10 (

Adidas slides, along with other brand slides, are popular amongst students because of the versatility they offer. They’re essentially a hybrid between slippers and flip flops, being able to handle many different tasks. Although running to a class that you’re 30 minutes late  to is not recommended. How could you possibly say no to slides for $10? (Please wear socks with your slides so people don’t have to see your uncut toenails.)

4. Apple MacBook Air 13.3″ Laptop – Latest Model $200 Off (

Laptops are essential to many students across campus due to the portability, allowing students to work in many different spaces. The MacBook Air is a very thin, lightweight laptop that is not only easy to carry around but all around perfect for what college students need it for. Unless it is mainly used for programs that take up a great deal of storage and needs a quick processor, the MacBook Air will do just the trick. Best Buy had it on sale this Presidents Day Weekend, where it is normally $1,099 for $899, which is a hefty discount for Apple products. On top of this deal, if you apply for the Best Buy Credit card, you can finance the laptop for 12 months – interest free if paid in full. Students can now look extra official with this name brand device.