Predicting the Los Angeles Lakers 2019/20 Season

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With a 37 – 45 record, the Los Angeles Lakers 2018-19 season was not what most expected. Many sports analysts thought they would be title favorites but didn’t even make the playoffs.

Stephen A. Smith, a world known sports anchor believed they would make the Western Conference Finals. Thats how big of an impact like LeBron James can have on a team.

In recent Lakers history, this is the most disappointing season for the franchise. They acquired Superstar LeBron James to run the floor and be a positive impact on the young roster.

After the All-Star break, things just weren’t the same in the locker room. The front office tried to trade away half their roster for New Orleans Pelicans Forward Anthony Davis.

NOLA’s Front office handled that trade in an immature manner. The way I see it, The Lakers locker room turned against LeBron and the front office staff and they just didn’t play the same without the team chemistry. Now let’s put that season behind us and buckle up for an upcoming blockbuster season.

Bounce-back Season ahead. LeBron James wrote on a Instagram story “Comeback Szn gone be “. It was a tease too many Laker fans but most people expect and hope it to be true.

During this Summers free agency, Lakers traded away Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and three first-round picks for Anthony Davis. This trade puts the Lakers as title favorites behind the stacked Los Angeles Clippers team.

The Lakers chose to take a route to acquire 2-time NBA champ Danny Green, ¬†Avery Bradley, Quinn Cook, and Championship Hungry Demarcus “Boogie” Cousins. Cousins injured himself and will be out for almost a whole season.

Bringing back Center Dwight Howard hopes to fill in the Center position as a role player along with JaVale McGee. General Manager Rob Pelinka referred this season to a “title or bust season”. Hearing these words make Lakers fans mouth water for more and pray on seeing another championship brought back to the Staples Center.

Can this Lakers squad bring back showtime to LA? On paper this team looks great but there are still some questions that need to be answered.

One being backcourt depth and not having a true point guard of today. Also two, if everyone can stay healthy.

If a superstar suffers an injury this season we can look back at another rollercoaster season. Therefore, I’m predicting 53 wins and 29 losses this coming season.