Possibly the 5 best electric cars



Let’s take a look at some of the top electric cars that you might want to look into.

1.Porsche Taycan

Ranked as the ultimately best EV in the world right now is the Porsche Taycan. This car is the fastest known to mankind as of today. 

It may not be the biggest, but oh man it sure can get up to speed when needed. 

It is a smooth vehicle to cruise in. That is saying a lot because a Porsche being electric must be everything and better.

2.Tesla Model 3

One of the most bought EV’s in the world right now. This model has been a big hit since becoming Top Gear’s 2019 saloon of the year.

This vehicle has been in production for many years, and still has yet to have a downfall.

Absolutely nothing on the market has had anything better than this model. 

3.Hyundai Ioniq 5

While this vehicle comes in third place, it sure does have a confident look. This car is great for families to ride in especially.

Other brands might want to watch out, if Hyundai keeps it up, this car will blow away all of the others.

4.Audi e-tron GT

This car does not get enough hype that it should be getting. This car has loads of space and comfort too. While it may not be as fast as one would like, the relaxation this car will bring you makes up for it. 

It all comes down to what is the best thing about an EV. This car is the absolute comfort package. 

5.Honda e

While it gives an urban feel, this car looks no different from a gas car. This car may be smaller than other EV’s but it was the first prototype and made it to the big leagues. 

This car is Honda’s first ever electric car. Honda is at a great start and there is only more to come!