OPINION: World news matters

GOP Republican candidate, Donald Trump on campaign trail. tells America the threat of the ISIL take over promoting racial Islam. and the Jade Helm conspiracy theories focus. (Photograph/Mike Ortega)

GOP Republican candidate, Donald Trump on campaign trail. He tells America the threat of the ISIL take over, promoting racial Islam and the Jade Helm conspiracy theories focus. (Photograph/Mike Ortega)

“I asked questions to the Government and what perturbs me, you don’t get answers,” former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura said. “To an event that changes our country, people who question the government are assumed by them to have conspiracy theories to avoid to be responsible for their actions.”

Since the European’s fled the European countries to the New World in 1642 A.D., it seems to some American’s the threat of our government people is a carbon copy of what our American Patriots back then felt, as it is presently felt in our Presidential leadership actions today. The threat comes when the government is making bad decisions on deals and putting surveillance on the American people. It seems to have taken away the freedoms of the people of the United States.

“If anyone doubts this, or wishes to challenge it, they need to prove this to be wrong,” Ben Carson said, adding that no Islamic texts exist which reject the “traditional barbaric principles of Islamic law.” “These Shariah values and principles, which are so hostile to the American Constitution, are still an integral part of mainstream Islam.”

The thought is that these Presidential officials swore to protect the people of Patriotism to the United States Constitution as Presidential Republican candidate, Ben Carson said. This could be found as interpreted as treason to the people’s rights in the Constitution of the United States.

To have a police state now to cause good American people to become radical patriots by flooding in the terrorists among the Islamic peoples and refugees of the Islamic faith to spread radical Islam here.

“Many of us feel this is a deeply flawed agreement. We think it’s going to endanger our national security, we think it’s going to endanger the security of our friends and allies in the region, and we’re just looking for any way that we can to derail this agreement,” said Rep. Chris Stewart, Utah Republican, emerging from a closed-door meeting of the House GOP where details were being hashed out.

It clearly seems the U.S. Government’s agenda is connecting to the New World Order, making the U.S. a police state for national security, is spot-on for a Jade helm take over here. Our allies have been attacked in France and a Mali Hotel. ISIL killed 130 people in France and they’ve been conquering territories in the Middle East.

This is a varsity terrorist squad and not the JV unit that requires to be updated to the government’s classified file, as they could be contracted by any of the World Powers Intelligent Agencies.

“If the Iran deal goes through,” Republican candidate Ted Cruz said. “People will die.”

France has put the “War on Terror” throughout the world, and on ISIL, in the Middle East, which was a similar effect the U.S. had on their 9/11 terror. These attacks that propelled President Barack Obama and the world powers stated to help France, who took it’s fighter jets to bomb at ISIL under the American intelligents marked targets. The French succeeded to blow up these ISIL strongholds.

“The terrorist ISIL complains about ‘conspiracy theories’ claiming that the group is a puppet in the hands of western intelligence agencies,” Umberto Bacchi of the International Business Times said.

U.S. Demands There Be No Democracy in Syria …

Nov 13, 2015 – U.S. President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have… talks about Syria, between the U.S.-allied nations and the Russia-allied nations, … In other words: a “deal” must be reached to remove Assad, before the … has put forward a peace proposal for the talks, which calls for elections after an infomation check clearance  to see the details  …

PARIS, Nov 17 (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday increased coordination with Russia in the fight against Islamic State militants would require progress in the political process to end the Syrian war.

PARIS, Nov 17 (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said on Tuesday Assad is 100 percent sure he will use chemical weapons on the militants rebels if we do nothing to win the civil war in the Islamic State to end the Syrian war.

“The Syrian immigrant refugees will be able to buy guns and explosives,” U.S. Senator for California Dianne Feinstein said. “Only the terrorists who arrive in our country won’t be able to buy firearms and explosives anymore. Known terrorist will be blocked to purchase these items in the USA as they will show up on a black list.”

Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House in the Republican Senate, gets votes with Democrats under threat of Obama’s veto that delays Syria’s refugees coming into the country for Homeland security checks. Their was a lot of concern that from the Democrats in the vote that there’s a risk of the present American’s already in the U.S. who may become radical Patriots.

“We are not at war with Islam what these terrorist did taking down our twin Towers,” ex-President George W. Bush said. “Islam’s, who cover their heads, women who go out shopping are afraid that they are going to to be persecuted for these actions of the terrorist did here to our Country.”

It seems the United States mainstream media is owned by the elite bankers for propaganda reasons that the European people since 1642 A.D. left to the America’s. They decided to flee to other lands to colonise just as American’s looking for other sources for news, conspiracy theories for sources for truth in news. After the 9/11 conspiracy theories have woke the people up to question the government Presidential representatives to all phases of government.

“Hey, I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down,” leading Presidential Republican candidate Donald Trump said. “And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.”

In a Middle East photo and video the Islamic state celebrating the fall of the twin towers.

There in the Middle East the Palestinians were celebrating the fall of the twin towers on 9/11.

The United States have been threatened by the terrorist ISIL to harm people here. It seems conspiracy theories is a wake up call to humanity that world news matters.