OPINION: “We Are Not Paid Activists”

On Friday afternoon at 4 p.m, over 300 hundred activist rallied outside of Rep. Mimi Walters’ office for the 4th time. They came holding signs that said “Where’s Mimi?” and a picture of Rep. Walters face underneath it. But seriously where is Mimi?

An activist holding a sign of Congresswoman Mimi Walters in Irvine. (Lesley Naranjo / Lariat )

An activist holding a sign of Congresswoman Mimi Walters in Irvine. (Lesley Naranjo / Lariat )


Hosted by Coast Federation of Educators, a local union for the Coast Community School District’s colleges. Educators are bothered to see their students being affected by Pres. Trumps executive order and silence from local congressmen and congresswomen. 

“At the bare minimum is that she (Walters) should be meeting with her constituents” said Rob Schneiderman, President of Coast Federation of Educators. “And she should vote for the interest of this district”.

Mimi is everywhere but answering to the people in the cities that put her in office. While Walters has been attending local meetings about tax reforms and killing the Affordable Healthcare Act while her constituents in the city of Irvine met without their invited guest, their own Rep. Mimi Walters. How can a Congresswoman (we the people), put into office ignore the hundreds of protesters or a petition with over a thousand signatures for Rep. Walters to hold a town hall meeting.

Activist holding a sign outside of Rep. Walters' office representing the 45th district. (Lesley Naranjo/ Lariat)

Activist holding a sign outside of Rep. Walters’ office representing the 45th district. (Lesley Naranjo/ Lariat)

It’s because Walters believes the protesters are paid activists, a spokeswoman for Walters, Abigail Sigler, said in an email to the Register.

“(Walters) She will not allow a small, vocal group of paid activists distract her from this fundamental responsibility. As she always has, she welcomes anyone with comments or concerns to contact her office.”

The fact is that the 45th district is a strong grass root collective of diverse individuals that are committed and not paid. Groups such as Indivisible OC, Democratic Socialist of Orange County, and California 45th are real residents and constituents that Rep. Walters should be meeting with. Not with politicians that vote for their own parties sake but rather with real activists and Americans that will not let party loyalty ruin the democracy Orange County is striving for.

“I think we need to put a Congresswoman that stands for liberty and integrity and she stands for neither and when you sign up for this job you should be willing to put yourself forward.”

(- Rob Schneiderman, Pres. of Coast Federation of Educators)

In an administration under Trump, it attacks democracy and it is up to the people to continue resisting. It is these movements that will pave the way for Orange County and for the rest of the country. When 2018 rolls around, no longer will Orange County elect politicians that follow their party more than the people they represent. 

Get in contact with your local city hall reps. in the 45th district and demand they get Walters at a long over-due town hall. 

Join the resistance.